Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Even though it is still in its development phase, Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Insights is a wonderful tool that collects relevant, helpful, and analytics news to you, about your business, your competitors, and your clients in order to better inform your business decisions that could make or break your standing and operations in the business world.

Insights straight to your dashboard: 

After entering a particular niche, business or interest you want to know more about, AI will analyze typical communication mediums and data outlets across the web to find out relevant snippets for you to get more informed about the happenings. These snippets include news about particular, relevant events that might be happening near you or are related to your business, the key take-outs from these events, the responses of the general population to the events as well as common trending topics going around in the sphere. Traffic metrics for your competitor, events from them, their news, and press releases can simply be accessed on the main dashboard of Microsoft gold partner UAE.

Relevant Insights to your email inbox: 

The related events, developments, and news about the keyword or the specific phrase you are following will get to you directly in your email inbox which will help you in making on-the-go decisions regarding business operations and competitor interests. This feature can also be avail for customized additions to the insights search which will further enhance your market knowledge.

Understand the trends: 

Fads and interests keep changing with time. For a business that operates on the niches which are subject to change with change in user interest or appeal, it is very important to stay on top of the current patterns. AI in market insights collects user searches and browsing history regarding a certain product and niche and then delivers it into a package of information designed specifically for you.

Data sources: 

The data collecting from the sources and then converting into insight snippets is news derived from Microsoft. And other major players which are not only trusting but credible data sources. According to Microsoft, every insight undergoes ethics. And the unbiase analysis and is then presenting with transparency, comprehensive explanation, and supporting information. In competitive times like these, information is the king. Behaviors and patterns of consumers make or break a business in a snap. It is very important to be on top of the curve, aligning your operations, customer service. And other administrative engagements exactly how a majority of your consumer base wants. This could not only enhance your brand name but will also be helpful in retaining customers for a long time. Competitors are a major threat for businesses in the current economic situation. A single niche in the business world is hosting several different businesses. Which are at each other’s throats for market share. This grim situation asks for more control of space which is either possible if either you have an out-of-the-world product. Or you know what people like and how to give it to them. The second one is the most probable plan and Market Insight will make it much easier for you. Currently, Market Insights are only available for the audience of the USA. When released for the whole world, Market Insight will be available for Dynamics 365 users. Who can then avail of its AI capabilities in return for a minimal fee. To pre-order your Market Insight, get in touch with a Microsoft Dynamics partner in your locality. If you are in the MEASA region, look for Microsoft Dynamics Partner in UAE LITS which has a long history of successful implementations and after-sales support. Get in touch with customer support and find out more.

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