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When you smoke a CBD infused product it is the association with the brain and CBD produces several health benefits that you are probably unaware of. Though a CBD infused product will not have as rosy a disposition as you may feel when you consume marijuana, the slight amount of THC that it contains will infuse with the CB1 receptors of the anandamide.

This binding is even stronger than the anandamide itself. This helps in triggering a euphoric response in you as your brain cells are exaggerated and excited. In simple words, it makes you feel high. However, if you take marijuana, this excitement can reach to the level and true meaning of intoxication due to the high THC content in it. On the contrary, if you use CBD or hemp, you will never be intoxicated as it contains traces of THC in it and more of CBD or cannabinol.

Properties of CBD

It is the difference in properties of CBD as compared with THC that makes all the difference. This works in specific ways such as:

  • The low content of THC and more of CBD in hemp binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are available in your brain and body respectively.
  • In turn, it gently stimulates and blocks them at the same time.
  • This eventually results in activating the receptors mildly.
  • It also helps your body to create more CB1 and CB2 receptors which are a process that is commonly known as up-regulation.
  • Last but not least, it also helps in the increase in the natural levels of anandamide.

Typically, when your body experiences an increase in the number of CB receptors, it makes your body more sensitive to the natural endocannabinoids such as anandamide and others that are already present in your body.

That means, the end result of taking CBD or any CBD infused product such as KYLÉ CBD pods will help to uplift your mood. It will, in turn, improve your pain tolerance but will never result in an exaggerated response or euphoric feeling.

In short, you will never get ‘high’ when you use a CBD infused product which is why it is so popular and effective in treating different medical conditions along with producing several health benefits to a normal person.

Affects other receptors

CBD or a CBD infused product will also help in modulating all other receptors in your body. For example, it will modulate the 5-HT1A receptor which is known to be involved with serotonin which is commonly known as the mood hormone produced in your body. This modulating process of the opioid receptors has a lot of health benefits and helps in several instances such as:

  • It provides the receptors as well as your body with a lot of mood balancing properties
  • It calms your body and senses
  • Since it does not sedate you excessively it is considered to be neutral
  • It often results in improving sleep in many people and
  • Provides pain relief.

It is believed that these moderated opioid receptors also have tissue supporting properties.

Apart from the THC and CBD, the cannabis sativa plants are known to contain over a hundred other types of cannabinoids. All of these produce a much similar effect as the CBD albeit in a milder manner.

Out of all the cannabinoids, it is only the THC that is known to have highly intoxicating capabilities. As for the others present in a cannabis plant, they are tested and proven to possess a wide gamut of different useful chemical components as well that offers a wide range of medicinal properties and health benefits.

Existence of terpenes

Apart from containing a large variety of useful cannabinoids, the cannabis plant is also known to contain another most prominent chemical called the terpenes. This is an aromatic organic compound that is usually found in essential oils. This chemical compound also has its characteristically unique features and properties such as:

  • It gives marijuana the distinct “weedy” taste and odor as oppose to the cannabinoids which are widely and wrongly believed
  • It is beneficial by itself as it is gastroprotective and can help a lot to those patients suffering from ulcers
  • Research and tests conducted by the British Journal of Pharmacology also found that terpenes have anti-inflammatory properties as well and
  • It also has the ability to enhance the properties of CBD which is a phenomenon that is commonly called the “entourage effect”

All these useful properties of terpenes suggest that it is essential to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant to the maximum as considered by several experts. The experts also go one step further and suggest that it is important and far more effective in using a full-spectrum extract of hemp that includes the full range of chemical components including terpenes as opposed to using a purified version of CBD or CBD isolate that contains only CBD.

Health benefits of taking CBD

There are lots of benefits of taking CBD, especially for older people. The list of health benefits provided by CBD includes:

  • It decreases mild and even chronic pain
  • It enhances the sense of well-being of the users
  • It increases calmness
  • It improves sleep
  • It repairs the immune system and
  • It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

All these health benefits are provided by the adaptogenic properties of CBD which will make you more resistant to different types of stresses, illnesses and even mood swipes.

Summing it up

To sum up, cannabinoids that include cannabidiol or CBD works well for maintaining the health condition of the user by mimicking the natural endocannabinoids like anandamide that exists in the human body. These endocannabinoids are a part of a complex messaging system in your body which is commonly known as the endocannabinoid system.

This endocannabinoid system typically oversees and regulates different parts of your nervous system, immune system and its functions, endorphins, serotonin hormones, metabolism of your body, mood and emotions, and several other chemical messengers in your body.

Therefore, if you are apprehensive about using CBD, consult a physician and start using it without any prejudice.

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