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Birthdays are always exciting for kids. Whether own birthday or birthday of a friend, the excitement levels are high in kids. Birthday party games for kids are always a big attraction. Kids like to participate in these games for fun. Some birthday party games for kids are also competitive where kids like to win prizes at the end of the game. If it is your little one’s birthday, you would definitely want to make it special for your kid.

Here are some creative ideas and places for celebrating your LO’s birthday:

  • Go for a theme party

Kids love themes. Among boys, Superhero, Pokemon and Cars themes are popular. Among girls, you can go in for a Peppa Pig, Barbie or Moana theme. Whichever theme you decide, you can do the decoration accordingly. Get balloons of matching colours as the theme. Design birthday party games for kids that are around the theme. Order for a cake as per the theme. A theme tattoo artist and return favours as per the theme would complete your theme birthday party.

  • Create interesting birthday party games

Interesting birthday party games for kids can be created by you. Depending on the age of your kid, you can do a mix of conventional and new birthday party games for kids. The conventional fun birthday party games for kids include Musical Chairs, Passing the Parcel and Dancing Statue. The new birthday party games for kids could be Fire in the Mountain, Hoola Hoop Crossover, Paper Dancing etc. Apart from these birthday party games for kids, if there is a specific game that your kid loves, make sure you make it a part of his birthday party.

  • Take the group out for a movie

Taking your kid and his friend out for a movie is a great way to celebrate your LO’s birthday. You can choose a kids’ movie that everyone will enjoy. Pre-book the seats so that everyone is sitting together. After the movie, you can also take the group out for a small treat and a cake cutting celebration.

  • Visit a theme park

Theme parks are very popular with kids. You can take your kids to a day-long theme park like Kidzania. Here, kids can do role plays with each other which is a fun experience. Rather than going individually to such a theme park, your LO will enjoy more with friends. Choose a day that is best suitable to accommodate all of your LO’s friends. Pre-book the tickets and spruce them up for a day of fun. You can also organize some birthday party games for kids inside these theme destinations.

  • Plan a day-long celebration

If your LO’s birthday is during the vacations, then you can play a day-long celebration. You can invite your LO’s friends over in the morning. Arrange a small picnic for the kids during morning hours. This should include some birthday party games for kids and some time for free play. Lunch and cake cutting can be done in the afternoon. In the evening, you can arrange for a match like cricket or a football or take the kids out to a mall for a treat. Wrap up early evening after a full day of fun.

Birthdays are special. When your kids grow up, they will remember these birthdays fondly. Make sure you make these memories for them.

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