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When was Astoria Greengrass (Astoria Malfoy) Born?
She was brought into the world in 1982.

Who Are Astoria Greengrass’ Parents?
Mr and Mrs Greengrass.

Is Astoria Greengrass Pureblood?
Indeed, she is pureblood.

Astoria Greengrass
What is Astoria’s skin tone?
She was fair

What Eye Color Does Astoria Greengrass Have?

What Hair Color Does Astoria Greengrass Have?

Who is Astoria’s Sister?
Daphne Greengrass

Are Astoria and Daphne Greengrass Twins?
No, they are not twins. Daphne is two years more seasoned than Astoria.

Was Astoria Greengrass a Slytherin?
It is muddled that for which House she was chosen; her sister Daphne was chosen to Slytherin. There is a high likelihood that Astoria additionally be a Slytherin because of her family bloodline.

Was Astoria a Hufflepuff?
Not Really. Her House isn’t referenced. There is a major likelihood that she can be a Slytherin because of the bloodline.

Is Astoria Greengrass Ravenclaw?
Not Really. Her House isn’t referenced.

What Was Astoria Greengrass’ Blood Curse
What was Astoria Greengrass (Astoria Malfoy) Personality?
Astoria is a high society witch who is smug. She was not the most loved youngster in that frame of mind due to get which were different to unadulterated blood sees. Astoria is a difficult woman who is frequently frank and isn’t reluctant to support what she accepts is correct. While knowing Draco’s dim past, she is a caring individual who actually needs to relate and wed him. Astoria is a sort, receptive, and gallant individual. She experienced a blood revile that made her feeble and prompted her awkward passing.

Who is Draco Malfoy’s crush?
She is Pansy Parkinson, an individual Slytherin

Who is Astoria’s Crush?
She had no pounds or beaus during her understudy years.

For what reason Did Draco Malfoy Marry Astoria Greengrass
When Did Draco Start Dating Astoria?
Draco had his crush Pansy Parkinson during Hogwarts. It is towards the finish of the understudy years that they fall head over heels. It is in the wake of moving on from Hogwarts the pair get hitched. Draco and Astoria’s marriage is an intriguing situation where two who were not in adoration in Hogwarts got hitched.

For what reason Did Draco Malfoy Marry Astoria Greengrass?
He realize that Astoria was the ideal fit for him. He conflicted with his folks to wed Astoria on the grounds that he realized she was a sort and adorable individual. Presumably here he conflicted with his folks.

Is Astoria Greengrass Younger Than Draco?
Indeed, she is two years more youthful than Draco.

Did Draco Really Love Astoria Greengrass?
Indeed, he did. This is demonstrated by the way that Draco didn’t get hitched again after Astoria’s demise.

Who is Draco and Astoria Malfoys Child?
Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (A kid)

What Was Astoria Greengrass’ Blood Curse?
She was experiencing a blood impugning. One of Astoria’s family predecessors was reviled, and it was given to her. She was feeble all through her life because of this explanation.

When did Astoria Greengrass Die?
In 2019

What has been going on with Draco After Astoria Died?
Astoria’s demise made Draco sorrowful. He considered utilizing the unlawful “valid” Time-Turner he got from his dad to see her once more. Yet, last second he deiced against it pondering the results.

Who Plays the Role of Astoria Greengrass is Harry Potter and Death Hallows Part 2?
Jade Olivia Gordon

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