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When a person reads, another person starts to gain insights about their lives in the present, past or future and is said to be astrology or an astrologer. Many people like to take astrology consultation before starting something new or to know the past or future. But there are some people too who don’t believe in astrology. Thus, they have misunderstood astrology, so the myths about astrology are created. While reading horoscopes, one will believe it, and the other will not! 

In addition, astrology empowers that person to control their life and helps them know what events are coming their way. Hence, we have busted some of astrology’s most known myths and facts below. Let’s start by clearing some of the misconceptions about astrology. 

Myths About Astrology 

Myth 1: Astrology is linked with black magic, paranormal or psychic activity. 

People who believe in astrology also think that astrology is connected with black magic or any other paranormal activity. In contrast, people who do not believe in astrology think it is all fake. But, in reality, astrology is totally based on how the universe or stars are on the day you were born. Most importantly, the main component for the astrologers during the astrology consultation is the birth chart. It is so because the chart gives a clear idea of the planets, stars, and universe on the day you were born. Thus, it is one of the common myths. 

Myth 2: Astrologers use astrology as a fun pastime.

With the advancement in technology, astrology now can be seen online too. Thus, many people opt for online chat with astrologer, which they think is a much easier way. Also, for some astrologers, it is not a fun pastime but a meaningful hobby. So, an authentic astrologer always uses a birth chart to do astrology. Hence, astrologer in India are well known for providing accurate astrology to people. They basically evaluate your birth chart first then provide the information that a person wants to know. 

Myth 3: Astrology helps in changing the future. 

This myth or assumption is one of the most known or common misconceptions that feel about astrology. However, the purpose of astrology is not to predict the future but to predict the past life. Thus, the actual purpose of astrology is the oneness of the universe. It means that astrology consultation can help in making better decisions. Hence, astrology is not responsible for changing the life or destiny of a person. You can also visit Astral Plane to learn more about it.

Myth 4: Astrology is just about the Zodiac or Horoscope. 

Vedic astrology is responsible for the horoscope reading and about the planetary positions and karma. Moreover, it is also based upon universal movements and determines the potentiality of your life. Thus, an astrologer will evaluate your birth chart and determine your destiny, nature, and connection with the sun, the moon, and the stars. 

Facts About Astrology

Fact 1: The Moon alters your mood swings. 

Many researchers found in their study that the moon is responsible for your alternative moods. Also, the word which is most known as “lunatic” is responsible for the mental state of a person, which depends on the lunar cycles. It is perhaps another study by well-known researchers. However, this theory is perfectly explained by the Indian astrologer. 

Fact 2: A person has more than one sign.

Most people are unaware of the fact that they have more than one sign which is based upon the date of their birth. Thus, such signs are known as the sun signs. But there are also many other signs for every planet and all the other 12 different houses. An astrologer in India looks for the three important components that are the sun, the moon, and the rising sign. 

Fact 3: Astrology predicted Hitler’s future.

A well-known astrologer predicted that a person born on 20th April 1889 would be more powerful in the future. Thus, that person was Adolf Hitler. Moreover, an assassination of Hitler is also predicted accurately by a Swiss astrologer. Also, under the swiss astrologer predictions, Hitler has a successful Operation Barossa Attack. In addition. Hitler was also a believer in astrology and consulted for World War II. 

Fact 4: India is among the first countries to use astrology.

Astrology took place first in India, China, and Greece. Also, India is well known for its astrologers and their astrology. With the help of distinct cultures and their beliefs, astrologer in India use them along with the star signs. During the medieval period, it was one of the most valued professions. But today, many people do not believe in astrology or consider it black magic. In reality, if it is done accurately, it can give actual information about you. 


Astrology comprises misconceptions or myths and interesting facts. People who believe in astrology also believe in the ancient science of Vedic astrology. Thus, myths can be fake or real, depending on the authenticity of the astrologer. 


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