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Why is Atal Nagar known as the best greenfield smart city in India?

If you do not have an answer to that question, then maybe you are not aware of the development of the new and organised world settled in Atal Nagar.

When technology and innovative ideas merge, it results in establishments such as this smart city India project.

Let’s dive into more details on what makes Atal Nagar a greenfield and smart city!

Essential features that make Atal Nagar stand out from the rest

  1. This project has ensured to restore greenery. Thus, they have allotted approximately 27% of the land for afforestation and several other initiatives with the same purpose.
  2. A significant aspect of Atal Nagar is its brilliant sewage treatment, promoting zero discharge. They also have various on-going projects based on water management. Some of them include rainwater harvesting, smart meters and wastewater recycling. This greenfield smart city also made sure that the procedure of rainwater harvesting will be carried on all day long. Thus, there will be potable water supply throughout day and night. The process of recycling wastewater has been introduced so that the recycled water can be used for watering trees planted throughout the city.
  3. To turn the city even smarter, they have installed LED bulbs as street lights, which make the entire network well controlled and energy efficient.
  4. In addition to all these features, Atal Nagar also has cycling tracks and long paths dedicated to children and elderlies who enjoy cycling and walking, respectively. This encourages a non-motorised commute arrangement.
  5. Another incredible aspect of this project is the Jungle Safari. They have made a forest to create a safe home for all those species that are losing their shelters due to the advancement of urban life.
  6. No matter how great all these factors are, nothing can top the brilliant aspects of the digital era. Paying tax or bills, municipal services as well as commute passes are hassle-free in this city. All you have to do is link the registered numbers into this system and all these services can be availed online. This entire procedure is completely transparent, and they maintain accuracy when it comes to account management.

In simple terms, this project has ensured that people living in Atal Nagar will lead a more comfortable life. The fusion of smart elements, advanced technology and programs to preserve nature has undoubtedly made Atal Nagar one of the best smart cities in India.

This project was designed with the sole purpose of providing their residents with a more relaxing life. The only motive was to fulfil their requirements in an eco-friendly way.

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How they made it possible?

Well, Atal Nagar has installed Integrate Command Control Centre or ICCC. This provides a platform such as a web portal or an app. This medium welcomes any complaints or criticisms, and the concerned authorities would try to solve it immediately.

Without a shred of doubt, Atal Nagar can be proudly claimed as the best greenfield smart city located in India.

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