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Winning Football Teams

Football has moved from hobby to professionalism, which requires harnessing all capabilities in order to give the best results, whether technical or economic, success in football depends on an integrated system of variables, including the talented coach, conscious management, the types of players and how to choose them according to the requirements of the coach who seeks to employ their abilities to make his plans successful Tactical and after a series of preparation and organization for the team with the necessity to choose the right strategy and tactics appropriate to the capabilities of its players due to the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and this includes opponents as well.

In general, there is a set of common characteristics for successful teams, and the coach remains the main engine to find out the team’s successes or failures with the effort of management and the players’ continuity and dedication to the implementation of duties and the fulfillment of their dreams and the dreams of the coach. read more 토토사이트


1- Defensive organization

one of the characteristics of a good team that seeks to achieve achievement is the organization of defense and the types of defenders and how they maintain the goal with advanced defensive methods and the consolidation of the idea of ​​easy play and non-risk in defense and quick action when losing the ball and how the team turns into a defensive system from the front with the consolidation The principles of playing pressure, support and appropriate coverage, the presence of defensive depth and a process of communication between the lines of players, when does pressure start, where and how ?? With estimating the distances between the players, how to support, and determining the relationship between the goalkeeper and defenders, studying all kinds of defense methods and choosing the best according to the players ’specifications. This responsibility falls on the coach to provide various exercises and plans for organized defense and how to best apply it.


2- Possession of the ball more

It includes dominating the course of play and preserving the ball for the largest possible time while exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses and reducing the number of mistakes by collective play and not exhausting the players’ energy in trying to regain the ball after losing it.


3- More scoring attempts

There is a relationship between scoring attempts and the number of goals scored with the possibility of scoring after a number of attempts, although it is not always guaranteed because it may clash with the cohesion of the opponent’s defense and his goalkeeper, so the coach should search for an innovative way to penetrate the opponent’s defenses and plans for scoring either After or after hacking or taking advantage of set pieces and other various scoring plans.


4- The midfield movement is more effective

The midfield players’ penetrations in the depth of the opponent’s defense are more effective due to the lack of close control of them in these areas and we see many goals as a result of a side breach or double play, and the midfield players should be distinguished by the movement with the ball and without it to create spaces for their teammates For recording opportunities. Manipulations with a colleague can be used to penetrate, thus reducing time and recording from unattended areas in a focused manner, and the midfield remains the key to the success of any team and solves major problems.


5- Penetration and penetration into the opponent’s defense

The successful team has the ability to move effectively in better offensive areas with new playing modes that necessitate dislocating the opponent’s defenses and committing numerous mistakes due to moves and breakthroughs with shots that create new opportunities.


6- Accurate and few maneuvers

One of the effective scoring plans is to score with the fewest number of passes and the shortest time to possess the ball, which leads to surprise the opponent, and this can be from a case of direct play or a breakthrough quickly or from delivering the ball with a side throw or cutting a ball in the opponent’s court or a quick counterattack Either from the reactant to the attack with long handling or from the sentinel.


7- Creating opportunities and playing in the depth

A good team has individual solutions that help implement the coach’s tactic and create opportunities for open play through longer possession and surprise in the offensive depth due to the skills and abilities of some players, especially through long passes behind the opponent’s defense in the depth and quickly Especially when the opponent’s defender returns are slowing down.


8- The method of winning the ball in the opponent’s court

A modern method used by ancient teams that sheds light on the high work ability and physical fitness with mental superiority and how to trap the opponent in his court and possess the ball when there is no stability and guarantee in the opponent’s defense, especially in important registration areas. It requires a very high physical effort.


9- Accidental handling means more chances of scoring

A big statistic says that the most goals for good teams are cross balls and an incursion from the side by 85%. Here, the attack opportunities from the middle to the wings are compensated with accurate and fast passes in front of the opponent’s defenders with accurate timing and quick attackers movement in penalty Discount ??


10- Utilizing the game modes

The good team takes advantage of all the playing modes to achieve victory and fixed cases are the biggest chance for a good team to score with 40% of free kicks or corner kicks, and a good team has better capabilities in defending against the playing modes of the opposing team.


11- Respect for the opponent and diversity of performance

One of the qualities of a good team is respect for all opponents and not underestimating with the diversity of play performance in terms of passing and possession, imposing a style of play on the opponent and using the types of players according to the opponent’s capabilities with the ability to use the substitute as an important element to win in most cases.

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