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Made from wheat neutral spirit, Au Vodka is made from the finest grains found in the English countryside. Its pristine spring water and gold filtering give it its signature smoothness. It is smooth and delivers a distinctive citrus flavour with hints of cracked black pepper. If you’re a lover of premium vodka, you may want to try this new brand. It is also considerably cheaper than other premium vodkas. So, what’s the deal with Au Vodka?

Au Vodka is made from a wheat neutral spirit

The wheat neutral spirit is the base for this French vodka, which is surprisingly smooth and versatile. It can be used in cocktails, chilled shots, or enjoyed straight on the rocks. The six-times-distilled wheat is paired with fresh spring water, yielding a crisp and refreshing spirit. A rum-like finish completes the experience. The taste is clean and slightly smoky, with hints of shaved chocolate.

While neutral spirits are not necessarily the same thing as vodka, some brands contain a higher percentage of wheat-neutral spirits. Most distillers use this type of spirit because it produces no distinguishable flavour and is colourless and transparent. It is also the purest form of alcohol. The neutral spirit is made by distilling organic materials containing sugar or starch. This process is called saccharification. In order to create vodka, no enzymes are required.

It is clean and fairly neutral with faint cereal character

This wheat-neutral spirit is packaged in a tall, slender gold mirrored bottle with hand-applied pewter plaque labels. While its nose is fairly neutral and lacks distinctive character, it does offer a faint cereal character. After a few minutes of airing, it turns slightly fruitier. But the overall character is clean and fairly neutral, with faint cereal notes and cracked black pepper.

It is flavoured

If you’re sick of boring old vodka, then try Au Vodka. It is the world’s first vodka flavoured with fruit! This delicious vodka contains a blend of black grapes and natural spring water from the South Down hills. It is easy to drink on the rocks, and pairs well with lemonade. It adds character to any cocktail. There are several flavours available, each with a unique combination of fruit.

The gold colour is a nod to Au Vodka’s heritage, as it has merged luxury ingredients with British roots to create an ultra-premium vodka. You can find the flavoured version of this vodka in a gold bottle, and you can get it delivered to your door for FREE! Au Vodka is perfect on the rocks and in a martini, and it adds character to any drink.

It is cheaper than other premium vodkas

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to high-end premium vodkas, Au vodka is definitely the way to go. This ultra-clean vodka is less expensive than many of the premium brands, and its smooth flavor draws out the complementary flavors of the other ingredients in a drink. AU is ideal for a Martini, and its aroma and flavor profile complements lemon and vermouth. In addition, it pairs well with ice.

Another reason why Au Vodka is cheaper than other premium brands is that it is more stable. You can rest assured that it will taste the same a day after purchase as it will 40 years down the line. Moreover, you can store it in your cupboard to enjoy it for a very long time. The best part of Au Vodka is that it’s much cheaper than other premium brands, so you can stock up on it in case you’re planning to buy it for your next party.

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