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Probably the greatest care experienced when going through the middle of the year is the blinding sun in a clear climate. Because of the windshield, there is no hope, as changing the level of simplicity is a breach of security insurance. With side windows at times, it seems a little disturbing by the scorching sun rays to solve this problem we use cortinas para carros

To lessen the impact of the splendid daylight in the eyes of the driver and travelers, colored films of different levels of simplicity are glued to the side windows of the vehicle. It tends to be an ordinary film, which is modest and looks great, and possibly a thermal color (which is, the things that are its benefits and losses, you can read in a different article). However, car curtains have a huge drawback – assuming the film is stuck, helps during the day and, in the dark or in gloomy climates, often ends up being a real obstacle to safe driving.


A coated vehicle curtain is a frill-like coating that is embedded in the front and rear side windows. In front windows, they are used as an option as opposed to car curtains, as any curtain reduces the transmission of light from the glass (they can be bounced for exceeding the state standards of the driver).

  • Metal contour: to avoid premature wear of the materials it will hold, it is covered with a light elastic layer or coated with a resistant texture. The side curtains are made to fit the window size of a specific vehicle model. Some producers make sliding curtains. For this situation, its casing will be the kick-off of the window, in the upper and lower parts of which the auxiliaries are fixed.

An element of this adornment is its versatility – if important, the blind can be eliminated effortlessly. This need appears in obscurity, when it is vital that the front windows are as simple as one might expect. If a border is inserted in the window, you can lower it when the vehicle is idle so that natural air enters the interior. In any case, because of the infrared radiation, the interior does not heat up as much.

  • Plastic contour. These settings are accessible as a plate with cells. A large part of them refer to pulling the glasses towards the glass. They likewise guarantee daylight, in any case, the plastic of the road quickly loses its immersed shadow and is blurred.

When choosing a shade, you need to expand the boundaries that accompany it:

  • Frame size. Widespread alternatives cover only part of the window. For more prominent insurance against the entry of daylight into the housing, you must purchase the security that is made for a specific model of the machine.
  • Cost. Usually, the most expensive shade is not the incredible one. A simple modest due to the rapid wear of the paint may require successive replacements.
  • Type of curtains. The vehicle owner himself needs to find out what changes are reasonable for his situation. It may well be repaired, which will not be removed throughout the season or must be continually removed from the windows (for example, opaque edges on the side windows).
  • Equipment. Some producers pack two carcasses in a single set (front or back), but there are also individuals who sell curtains on all vehicle windows. This unit will cost more, since each box is adapted to the window size of a different entrance.
  • Curtains and car designs. If young people regularly drive a vehicle, in an organization with their number one animation characters, the excursion for them will be seriously fascinating. Often, this plan is for plastic plates.
  • Trade mark. When deciding on the option of coating the defensive tones, it is worth focusing on the brands. The main concern is that the manufacturer is known and has a decent position. In this situation, drivers are less likely to suffer from rents from industrial facilities or an undesirable smell from items that cannot be disposed of. Among the best known brands that sell quality results of this classification: Skip Hop, Diono, Trokot, Hauck, Safety 1-st, Laitovo, Disney.

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