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Another technology that is very important to humans is the technology of automobiles, which is considered a social driver in almost every era that has it all. It has been continuously developed from the past to the present and in the future to help human beings to live more comfortably and quickly. In addition, it is a solution to the problem and transcends the original limitation of all types of vehicles to have better performance and functions.

development of all types of vehicles As said, there is continuous development. The main factor is to make human travel more comfortable , which is the main goal of all types of vehicles used for both human and social mobility. It is also a fundamental factor of human life nowadays, especially mass transit that can benefit a large number of people. The better the technology, the better. It will only give us a better quality of life.

Technology of vehicles that will happen in the future

Today we will take everyone to get to know 9 technologies of automotive that will occur in the future for everyone to read. which will have both things that have already happened and what is going to happen Let’s go see what’s there.

1. Driverless Vehicles
It is one of the most interesting and happening technologies today. This will increase the comfort of driving in all types that have it all. Both those who have to drive for a long time and public transport that do not need to be mindful of driving all the time anymore. Currently, the driverless vehicle system that is being used It’s not always being driverless. It’s just a system that helps drive or help in various situations. But still have to have a human to control it from time to time, such as parking assistance systems, automatic speed control systems. Lane control system as for the full unmanned. At present, it is not used in general vehicles. But it has already been used in Heathrow International Airport in London, England, but in the future it must come to be expected. When will a fully unmanned system come into operation?

2. Vehicle control system instead of the driver
This system might sound like the autonomous system above, but it’s actually a system that helps prevent accidents. Which will have sensors to help detect In the event that a dangerous situation is about to occur. This system will come to work and control the car automatically immediately. This will greatly reduce accidents and dangers on the road.

3. Using biodata instead of keys
Unlocking a car with a key has been around for a very long time. And now it’s developing unlocking to be more convenient. But it still doesn’t use biometrics for unlocking cars today. In the future, fingerprints, iris and front fascia will be able to be used to unlock the car and operate various functions in the car, which will greatly increase comfort. No more cluttering up your car keys or remotes.

4. Vehicle tracking system
It is a system that keeps a record of the usage of our cars such as running speed, G-force, daily distance driven. Let’s analyze and evaluate important matters related to us, such as car insurance renewal, insurance renewal, which will help us get the insurance that is most suitable for our use.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) system
This system, many people are probably familiar with Augmented Reality that will display a simulated image under the actual image. Which can be used for vehicles including displaying a simulated map on the windshield Project the floor under the virtual car that the car is transparent. Image of a passenger standing in a car including a virtual car simulator where there is a race Considered to be very useful for the car ever.

6. Remote engine cut-off system
This system is already available for some car brands. This will help detect the car and command the engine to stop remotely, by installing the system inside the car. The control center can check the information of the car and where it is located. This is most helpful in the event of a car chase. The control center can order the offender’s car engine. To reduce the risk of accidents for unrelated people and the police making work easier.

7. Driver health monitoring system
This system is available for some car brands as well. This will implant a device used to monitor the rider’s health and measure data such as heart rate, temperature, circadian rhythm and alcohol level, etc. to assist in the event of an emergency, such as in the event of a driver having a sudden heart attack. When the car detects will slow down the speed of the car and bring it to the side of the road and if working with unmanned systems. It may help patients to go to the hospital without having to drive themselves. Considered to be quite useful. Because there are not many people who died in road accidents due to health problems.

8. Marketing communications delivered directly to the car
Nowadays, various social media, It also collects our interest in order to direct various advertisements. Related to users In the future, there will be technology like this happening in our cars, for example, if we drive through a shopping mall. There may be information to suggest that there are interesting activities in the mall. Showing traffic conditions and driving directions recommended to us.

9. Electric car
In the future, the use of alternative energy to drive cars will become more popular. At present, it is used to see some. But there are still no devices to support many users. In the future, electric power technology may become more popular. And may result in the ability to modify the original car to use electric power as well.

The continuous development of vehicles that will result in technology and innovations that will occur in the future will help make human life better in many aspects. Because traveling by car is a basic human matter, and help develop various systems Related are of better quality. Help us have a better quality of life, sure enough.

About the Author

Muneer Mujahed Lyati

Muneer Lyati (born November 16, 1982) is a Saudi Arabia hails Mechanical engineering and an expert in engines and vehicles. He is one of the most known personalities in the Automotive industry. From a very young age he had an interest in the Automotive industry. His hard work and undivided attention to his passion rose him to fame in the automotive industry in a very short period.
Muneer Lyati has worked in many prestigious companies such Al-Jazirah Vehicles Company, Bin Laden Company, and Al-Shayi Trading Company. Working at all these companies has provided him with many different experiences as he has worked in several kinds of the environment with various people. He published his book on regular maintenance of vehicles. In his book he examines numerous routine car maintenance procedures. The ISBN of his book is 9789779903460.

He got award for academic research on vehicles engines from technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) in 2021. The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation also recognized him for improving engine efficiency and reducing pollutants.



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