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RozenmanAvraham Rozenman: The Trouble Maker

What led to Avraham Rozenmans downfall? 

Avraham Rozenman, also known as Avi Rozenman in the American business sector, is a prominent personality or may be considered an influential and widely recognized person until his falsehoods and scams were discovered. What comes to mind when you hear his name or see his photo, the image mentioned above serving as a reference?

He should not be judged by his appearance since he is a crafty genius with just one apparent aim in his life and thoughts, which is to make more and more money till his rooms fill up with cash. However, his ambitions were thwarted, and a millionaire like him was forced to live without money for rent in his final days in America. 

According to sources, Avi Rozenman has been deported from the United States and will not return. He has sought asylum in Colombia. What happened to such a well-known billionaire? His actions and desire to make more and more got the best of him, and he eventually struck rock bottom. He single-handedly duped hundreds, if not thousands, of people into believing his fraudulent claims of increased returns on investments. This sum was taken through his firm, The Domestic Limited Liability Company, as the front-runner so that investors and potential investors could see that they weren’t simply investing in a person but in a full-fledged running company. What they didn’t realize was that their investments were doomed in any case since his track record reveals a pattern of receiving investments from others and subsequently declaring bankruptcy. This occurred in all seven of his firms that bore his name. Bitum and Roztech are two of many examples to use, and they might be viewed as the primary source of his failure.


To begin with, a person is doing something unlawful if they have six to seven firms established under their name and then declare bankruptcy within a few months after others invest in them. People assumed that such a powerful individual could harm their assets and pose no risk of fraud, but he proved them incorrect. All of their investments were transferred to his Colombian accounts, prompting a further investigation by US State Regulatory Authorities, who discovered that all of these large sum transactions were being delivered to bank accounts of people who were all working for a Colombian underground drug cartel. A decision was made that his actions and intentions were to cause harm to the state. It wasn’t the first time he slipped under their radar, but the increasingly high number of complaints compelled them to keep an eye on him at all times. However, when it was discovered during an investigation that his payments to the Colombian drug cartel were legitimate, it was time for them to intervene and take him into custody. The word of his arrest spread like wildfire in a cotton field. He was warned ahead of time and hid from them for several weeks. The manhunt lasted many weeks until he was apprehended and placed into custody. Finally, in 2011, he was deported from the United States. Hundreds of people were affected by his thirst for more and more, as well as his fraudulent actions.

The word on the street was that people were pursuing him and wanted to get their hands on him to retrieve what little money they could and, if they couldn’t, to murder him for good. Yes, this is the level of dissatisfaction and anguish endured by the investors. He was eventually released go after causing them a loss of riches on his own. Why do we say set free? Because they expected a much fairer conclusion than deporting him because they wanted to see him rot and suffer for his deeds, but he was let free and deported to Colombia. 

This is the point at which two stories arise from the surface. Several people believe he is staying in Israel and merely working in Colombia, but few believe he is not only working in Colombia but also residing there on a regular basis. You should know that he’s having the time of his life in Colombia, working for the same drug cartel that has him under constant protection. A person who was bankrupt just a few years ago is now earning four thousand dollars every month working for them. People who wished to get their hands on him can no longer do so due to his ties to the drug gang. They’ve lost their money, and they don’t want to lose their lives now, which he is more than capable of doing. However, he has been deported but has maintained significant ties in the United States since joining the cartel. Avi Rozenman is not to be taken lightly and should always be kept at a safe distance from because, believe us when we say, he’s a troublemaker with a slew of ruses under his sleeve to dupe you into some other scheme of his.


People like Avi Rozenman never cease to disgust us, which is why we would like to state and advise you to always stay a safe distance from scammers like him. There are folks like Warren Buffet or fraudsters like Avi Rozenman, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to invest with people like Warren Buffet and make billions or with scammers like Avi and earn nothing but embarrassment. We advise our readers to always be prepared and conduct research before investing with someone since it’s not just people like Avi Rozenman we’re talking about; you’ll meet people like him at every stage of life and will have to make some good selections.

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