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Every day more importance is being given to the quality of the air in interior spaces. Therefore, in recent years, information dedicated to the prevention of diseases caused by bacteria in offices has increased. Diseases or symptoms caused by air pollution in closed spaces are also known as sick building syndrome. We must be aware of the number of hours we spend in the office and the environmental conditions to which we are exposed.  This has been a great reason other than air pollution that room air purifiers are getting more and more popular in every household and office.


According to the World Health Organization, 30% of new buildings have a high amount of pollutants capable of making people sick inside. For an environment to be capable of becoming ill, it must present biological contamination, caused by bioaerosols. Bioaerosols are small particles that contain biological contaminants (living beings or their derivatives). Polluting particles are transmitted through the air and when inhaled, ingested or in contact with the skin, they cause diseases.


The most harmful microorganisms in bioaerosols are those that can produce negative effects on humans. Worryingly the most harmful is the most common. Below is the list of the most frequent microorganisms.

  • Bacteria: Bacteria are the main microorganism found in closed spaces. They cause infections, allergies and irritations in the mucosa.
  • Endotoxins: Cause cough, headaches, fevers, muscle pain, nausea and respiratory problems.
  • Fungus: They intensify asthma, and allergies and cause infections.
  • Virus: The most common influenza.
  • Protozoa: They produce infections and hypersensitivity.
  • Algae: They cause allergies, and rhinitis and worsen asthma.

The presence of harmful microorganisms is more common in interior spaces with the following characteristics:

  • There is no ventilation in the space and no air circulation.
  • The correct maintenance is not done to the ventilation or air conditioning systems.
  • Deterioration of space construction materials.
  • Accumulation of papers and poor cleaning.
  • On the population of space.
  • The sensation of a heavy environment, full of odours (musty smell, stored smell, musty smell).

How to avoid bacteria in the office

The best way to combat microorganisms in interior spaces is by carrying out preventive maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system. Trying to supply a sufficient amount of fresh air, if this is not possible, air filters should be used for proper circulation. Accumulation of water must be avoided and in case of leaks or water leaks, they must be repaired immediately to stop sources of moisture. In turn, there must be an inspection, cleaning and disinfection program for all surfaces in interior environments. Accompanied by a periodic air quality analysis to ensure optimal conditions.


If you are responsible for your workspace or office, take care of your collaborators and the air they breathe with the HEPA air purifiers. Our smart purifiers will immediately help you eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and dust from your environment, constantly recirculating the air. Fight sick building syndrome and breathe safely with a good air purifier.

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