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Balloon Sinuplasty also known as balloon sinus dilation is a treatment that helps to clear sinus. A patient who is experiencing blocked sinuses can be treated with the help of balloon sinus dilation using a balloon catheter.

This treatment is performed when a patient goes through a chronic sinusitis condition. In such a condition the nasal passages become inflamed and get blocked. When this happens the normal drainage of sinuses is prevented. Due to this, excess mucus gets gathered in the sinuses. When such a situation happens the patient might feel difficulty in breathing.

Due to this the patient might also develop puffy eyes and the area around the nose might swell and cause pain. This situation can be cured with the help of medicines. However at times medication might not be very successful.

In case of chronic sinusitis it is advised that a patient should undergo balloon sinuplasty. You can get treated for Balloon Sinuplasty cost in India. Medical tourism in India has seen a rapid growth in the past decade. India offers great facilities, best hospitals and quality treatment at affordable prices.

Here are some symptoms of chronic sinusitis that you must know:

  • When someone has sinusitis they experience tiredness and are irritable most of the time.
  • A patient with chronic sinusitis might experience congestion and pressure in the sinus. They might also feel difficulty in breathing.
  • When someone has sinusitis their mucus colour changes into green or yellow.
  • A patient with chronic sinusitis experiences sore throat and pain in the upper jaw.
  • A person who has chronic sinusitis might feel nauseated and would have bad breath as well.
  • A person with chronic sinusitis might feel pain in the teeth.

If someone is experiencing blocked nasal passages inflammation, pain fatigue, irritability and any of the other symptoms mentioned above then they should visit a doctor and get themselves diagnosed as soon as possible.

A doctor would recommend sinuplasty in cases where the CT scan would show bony obstruction or swelling in the nasal cavity. There are many other cases in which a doctor might recommend balloon sinuplasty.  buy cheap generic xanax online Here’s how the diagnosis is performed.

At first a physical evaluation is done. To evaluate the patient, rhinoscopy technique is used. A rhinoscope is a thin tube like equipment which is used to check the blockage in the nose.

In the second step imaging research is performed. A CT scan or MRI is done to check the details of the inflammation or blockage in the nasal passage.

Once the CT scan is performed then it is checked if the patient has some allergy or not. There are certain tests that are performed which help to determine the allergen that has caused the inflammation in the nasal passage and the sinus area.

How is Balloon Sinuplasty performed?

Balloon Sinuplasty is performed under general anaesthesia. In this type of operation the patient is given anaesthesia and made to lie in a comfortable place. Then the doctor begins the treatment.

A very small flashlight is attached with a wire and it is then inserted in the sinus cavity of the patient. This illuminates the passage inside and the doctor is easily able to see the condition of the nasal pathway.

The doctor then puts a thin and elastic balloon catheter in the sinus passage of the patient and adjusts the catheter to set it up properly in the sinus cavity. Once the catheter is placed properly in the cavity then slowly the balloon is inflated.

This process helps in enlarging the nasal opening. and it further helps the doctor to navigate to the pus. Once the nasal opening is expanded then the pus and mucus from the nasal cavity is extracted out using a saline solution.

A saline solution is used to take the built up mucus and pus out of the person’s sinus passage because it makes the mucus more viscous. Once the mucus becomes more viscous it can easily flow out of the sinus cavity.

The mucus comes out and the doctor remoulds the bone structure to reduce the inflammation. When the procedure is complete the balloon is deflated and slowly pulled out from the sinus passageway. The sinus walls are opened while this operation is being performed.

There are several precautions that a patient must take after the procedure is completed. It takes about a week for the patient to recover completely after the treatment. A patient will experience blood running from their nose but they must not panic as it is one of the common side effects after the to order xanax online legally

Swelling, pain and fatigue are some common symptoms that a patient might experience for the next one week.

The cost of Balloon Sinuplasty in India is quite affordable. In Balloon Sinuplasty cost is around 165000 Rupees. India is one of the best places for foriegn patients. It not only offers knowledgable doctors and affordable treatment but there are great facilities that can make the patient feel comfortable.

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