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Pursuing peregrination is healthy, as it tends to unscathed your mind and body from all worries of life. For that you can go anywhere in the world but best bid would be to start from your own country and it’s remotest of areas. There are certain destinations that are yet to be conquered.

One such territory is Balochistan that holds the honors of having the beautiful level plains, craggy mountains and the smooth feel of plantations and knolls. It is rich in both culture and beauty with the biggest area of Pakistan. If you are planning a trip to Balochistan, make sure to get your hands on quality backpacks online.

However, its exquisite appeal is unknown to many due to the reason that region has been plagued by occasional tribal insurrections and also due to under-renovation of or no resting places. While these reasons are worrisome but as they say all good things come with a price and everything has an ulterior alternative to it.


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Plus the hospitality and goodwill of Baloch people compensate for that as they tend to host you with the warmest of gestures and their mehmaan nawazi. So visit Balochistan to explore its greenery and rocky, sandy terrain.


Get on the train and discover these top 5 mysterious attractions of Balochistan:


Pir Ghayb (the invisible saint) Waterfalls:

Based on the famous mythic saint, Pir Ghayb is one of the most highly recommended to visit in Balochistan, an oasis in the middle of now here? Situated in Bolan, it is the combination of lush blue lakes and streams to mutate the famous clean waterfalls.

Much of its fame comes from the legendary story of Pir Ghayb and his sister who were Muslims and tried to invite that time’s king, best known for his wickedness, to Islam who in return ordered his men to kill both siblings, however, it is said that Pir Ghayb got saved by the Almighty.


Legendary Bolan Pass:

If you’re one of them history addicts and lovers of rocky places, you are in for a treat as Bolan Pass cascades between Rocky Mountains and phenomenal historical points.

It also provides a connection between Jacobabad and Sibbi to Quetta. Like Pakistani cricket team, it is also very unpredictable in terms of climate conditions. You might witness heavy rains sometimes, the other days just welcome you with bright sunshine.

For a full bright sun rays changes over to moderate to heavy snowfall within a span of minutes. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended but please do tag a guard along with you. The trip to Bolan Pass will be incomplete without our Hiking Backpacks.


Kund Malir Beach:

The very famous Kund Malir Beach comes next in our list. Located within approximately 240 km from Karachi, is a natural wonder of the world contributing to the reason that it is a crystal clean beach where the water meets a desert with Palm trees on the shoreline. Other sites allocated near it are Nani mandir and princess of hope.


Hannah Jheel:

It is basically a lake in Urak valley near Quetta. It serves as the perfect escape destination for locals and that is why visiting Balochistan, people opt to visit this Jheel first. You can get the best view of this lake in snowfall or generally in whole winter season which is just around the corner so visit this lake to see the most beautiful sight you’ve ever witnessed.

It is regarded as one of the best lakes in Pakistan. Being a soothing place, this lake is visited by hundreds of tourists on a daily basis.


Hingol National Park:

Reserving the prestige of being the best and biggest national park of Pakistan with an area of 610,043 ha, Hingol National park is an exotic looking place with rare animals including the Markhor, crocodiles, and several other species of wildlife, surrounded by shallow blue waters. To absorb more information, visit this breathtaking park this winters!

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