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In our society, smoking is one of the few habits that is being practiced for a long time. This activity is mainly performed for changing the mental state of a person. People explain how smoking helps them to work seamlessly for a longer time without any anxiety or stress.

Due to its euphoric nature, smoking is widely spread across the globe. People of any age can indulge in this activity. Though, there is a certain age limit that should be maintained by people who smoke.


Apart from this, the most common ingredient in every cigar or cigarette is tobacco. It is a substance that is observed to have an addictive effect. A variety of companies sell tobacco in the form of cigars. These companies use some other chemicals that are assimilated with tobacco for manufacturing cigars. This is done to either change the flavor, reduce the intensity of tobacco, or saving money.

However, there is one such brand that sells natural cigars without any added chemicals. The name of these cigars is Backwoods that is sold with only natural flavors and tobacco. One of the popular natural flavors that are sold by this company is Banana Backwoods.

Today, we have provided you all the information about Banana Backwoods cigars. This can help you to select your favorite product from the market.


With so many cigarette companies available in the world, banana backwoods always offered the best and manliest cigars to people. These smokes contain high-quality tobacco and terpene to enhance the overall experience of smoking.

Being the main ingredient in these cigars, the tobacco that is found inside these cigars is completely natural. Furthermore, any form of a chemical substance is not mixed with this tobacco. The nicotine that is released during smoking is of the purest form.

Anyone having hands-on experience with these cigars can tell the difference between backwoods and other brands. It’s a night and day difference when you smoke a banana backwoods cigar or any other flavor of backwoods for the first time.

Some other flavors of backwoods cigars are original singles, honey bourbon, dark stout, and butter rum. However, banana backwoods are the one that comes in the highest priority for people. These are not available in the US. But one can easily order a box of these cigars to their place.

Working of Smokes

Cigars or cigarettes contain tobacco that needs to be burnt and then inhaled by an individual. This process doesn’t require any other system apart from fire. Once the smoke reaches our lungs, nicotine is released from tobacco. After that, this nicotine substance is absorbed inside our blood that gives a soothing effect to the person.

People have been smoking for many centuries. Previously, manual labor techniques were used to make these cigarettes. But with the increase in demand, more cigars are sold. Nowadays, cigarettes are manufactured in factories. The companies have large areas where tobacco and other substances are filled inside paper rolls that are then packed and transported to markets.

Leaving this aside, the terpene present inside banana backwoods cigars give them the unique flavor that everyone loves. This compound has an aromatic smell which provides a manly taste to the cigars. That is why the price of each packet is $300 US. It can be sold to other countries also. The company has only one condition, which is to ship the entire box and not samples of cigars. Additionally, the resale value of a packet of cigars can go up to $550 US.

Features of Banana Backwoods Cigars

There are several features of these cigars that make them the best smokes. Some of the highlights about these cigars are listed below:

  • Comes in different flavors.
  • Have a manly taste and aroma.
  • Uses natural ingredients.
  • Can be delivered in any region.
  • Have a high reselling price than other brands.
  • Improved flavors using quality terpene.

Where to Purchase From?

It has become a seamless task to purchase any product in today’s world. You can simply go to the company’s website while sitting in your home. The online portals provide you with every detail about the products. Moreover, one can select their ideal choice of product and then create an order.

If you want to buy Blue Meanie Mushrooms or banana backwoods online, then first you need to visit the official website of backwoods. From there select your flavor and the number of cigars you want. In most scenarios, the company only offers a full box of cigars. This is due to certain regulations about packaging that are followed in some countries. So, to avoid any trouble during transit, the customer has to purchase a particular box.

Once you are satisfied with your choice, simply fill in your address details and then pay online for the purchase. Within the designated time, the cigars will be delivered to you.

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