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When it comes to resolving personal matters, couples in Massachusetts have many options for seeking mediation services. In this post, we’ll introduce you to one of the best service providers in the state: Baron Law Mediation.

Whether you’re looking for help with a pre-nuptial agreement or property division, The Baron Law & Mediation team has a wide variety of experience in handling cases like;

  • Divorce and mediating
  • Nursing and health care
  • Financial & insurance planning fields

Let’s take an Insight into what Baron Law Mediation is all about!

About Baron Law Mediation – What Makes it Ultimate One?

Baron Law Mediation, LLP is a divorce mediation firm located in North Andover, Massachusetts, that services clients throughout the state. They provide divorce mediation services to couples who are divorcing or considering divorce.

Amy Beth and Allan Baron is a team of male and female mediators who work to reach a cooperative agreement. This firm owns a team of expert mediators who know how to conduct divorce mediation, and so they’re dedicated to serving their clients with the best possible mediation experience.

Most mediators in Baron Law Mediation practice a cooperative style and will not take sides. As a result, they can help the parties reach a more mutually beneficial agreement. Hiring a ma divorce mediator is a smart choice for those who cannot afford a lawyer, and a mediator can help make your divorce a quick and efficient process.

Quick Look Into Background

Experience and expertise are important but not necessary. The staff at Baron Law Mediation is experienced in settling complex cases. The firm is home to several seasoned lawyers with decades of experience, including Michael H. Lax, a certified circuit court mediator.

 He was admitted to Massachusetts Bar in 1974 as a certified Court Appointed Arbitrator. He has conducted, litigated, arbitrated, and mediated numerous high-stakes civil cases. Also, he’s handled commercial and business disputes, insurance matters, and medical malpractice cases.

Mediators at Baron Law Mediation

The mediators at Baron Law Mediation are skilled in collaborative dispute resolution, the most effective approach for conflict resolution. These professionals use various techniques, including the e-discovery process, and many even conduct their services over the phone.

 However, you should ensure that you’ve already learned your rights and the laws before selecting a mediator. If you are not certain about the rights of your children, a mediator can help you reach an agreement on the terms of your child custody.

Perks of Hiring Mediator from Baron Law Mediation

When considering them for divorce mediation in Massachusetts, the following are the perks that make you believe you handed over your case to the right place and the right people.

Confidentiality – The mediators and participants are protected by statute and written agreement. There are judicial decisions and rules governing Massachusetts’s court-connected alternative dispute resolution programs. Massachusetts legislators have passed a mediation confidentiality statute and ADR program rules protecting the confidentiality of mediators.

They also enforce confidentiality provisions in mediation agreements. Most importantly, confidentiality is preserved during the mediation process. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rarely reviews s.23C.

Save your time & Money – Hiring a mediator can save you and your children a lot of money and time. Mediation will help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement quickly while also allowing you to keep your children and desired assets. Hiring a mediator is a good idea if you can’t afford a lawyer, and it will help you have a happier, less stressful divorce.

Some Best traits of their Mediators are;

  • A focus on communication – Thebest mediation services focus on communication between the parties involved. This is essential in divorce mediation, as it helps to ensure that both sides are heard and that a resolution can be reached.
  •  A focus on problem-solving – Mediation is all about finding a solution that works for everyone involved. The best mediation services they provide, works with both sides to find a fair solution that meets everyone’s needs.
  • A focus on the future –At Baron Law, they provide mediation services with focus on the future, which means that they will help create a parenting plan that is in the child’s best interests and that will help make sure that the divorce does not negatively impact the child’s life.

If you are looking for mediation in Massachusetts, then Baron Law Mediation is the best option. They are not known for their reliable mediation services in Massachusetts but also for serving across the state.

They serve all of North Shore, Merrimack Valley, and Essex County, Massachusetts for any divorce related legal matters.

When concerned, one searches for a Massachusetts divorce mediator; Baron Law Mediation ranks at the top! Baron says;

 We understand that divorce is a difficult and emotional process, so we offer our clients compassion, understanding, and professionalism throughout the entire mediation process.

Visit their site to learn more about their mediation services. I bet they will find many ways to help you resolve your divorce fairly and amicably.

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