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Basketball was invented in 1891, and since then it has become one of the most popular sports in the world. Since the day of Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan up until today with players like LeBron James and James Harden, fans have always been passionate not just about Basketball itself, but also about the great coaches that lead teams to trophies. In this post, I want to share some Quotes About Basketball from some of the greatest Basketball Coaches ever. Let’s start with the quotes:

1. No matter how hard you work at your craft and no matter how successful you become, people just have to find something negative to hang on you. The bar is always being raised as you go. The rules are always being rewritten. There’s an aggravation that comes with that, but that’s part of what makes triumph so sweet – Phil Jackson

2. The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I’d made my teammates play – Bill Russell

3. The key is not the ‘will to win’… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important – Bob Knight

4. I just love the game of basketball so much. The game! I don’t need the 18,000 people screaming and all the peripheral things. To me, the most enjoyable part is the practice and preparation – Bob Knight

5. The key is to maintain evenness. Try to play one possession at a time, regardless of what happened on the last possession– Brad Stevens

6. One player’s selfish attitude can poison a locker room and make it hard, if not impossible, to establish team work – Dean Smith

7. I’m looking for an activity. I put players in and take them out based on effort and defense, not making or missing shots – Doc Rivers

8. Basketball, like all sports, is predicated on the execution of fundamentals. The coach is a teacher. His subject: fundamentals– Dr. Jack Ramsay

9. Play the right way’ means play unselfishly, respect each other’s achievements, play hard, fulfill your role– Gregg Popovich

10. Winning teams at the NBA level, the college level, and the high school level all play team basketball. Championship teams have 5 players on the same page at all times– Hubie Brown

11. A person really doesn’t become whole, until he becomes a part of something that’s bigger than himself– Jim Valvano

12. I continually stress to my players that all I expect from them at practice and in the games is their maximum effort– John Wooden

13. The pass is a very powerful team builder; whereas the dribble can destroy the spirit of teams and crack the foundation of team play– Kevin Eastman

14. Put great thought into what and how you practice. Once practice is done you can never get that time back. Did you simulate the game?– Kevin Eastman

15. The point guard is there to serve others; to keep them involved and organized– Larry Brown

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