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difference between CBSE and ICSE

You walk into a home where an infant just crossed his/her age of 4, and all you’ll be hearing is education boards. There will always be two parties fighting for opinions between the CBSE board and the ICSE board.

If you end up with that in your home too, this article will give you the difference between CBSE and ICSE and will help you to choose what suits you the best among them. So, make sure you leave out no lines and read below with attention.

CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education, or and popularly known as CBSE, is an education system that is offered by a board that is common for all countries. It is considered superior to the other board because your high school education is managed, and the certification is done by the central government, which is superior to the state government. And this board is tedious in terms of exam preparation, and thus the certification is worth it.

Mainly the examinations they monitor are 10th and 12th; the usual public higher education exams will be replaced by the tougher CBSE examination. The syllabus of this education system is different and keeps constantly changing to keep the students updated. The marks are awarded in grades, so it doesn’t create much difference between students.

There are more than 30 countries that follow the CBSE system of the education board.

ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is a secondary board of education offered by India, and many private schools follow this system. Like CBSE, ICSE’s syllabus is also different from the state board, and the examinations will be tedious here. Since getting a higher grade is difficult here, it has its perks.

ICSE controls the examinations for the years 11th and 12th. ICSE offers many subjects from which each 11th and 12th student can choose any 5, and the 6th being compulsory English develops people’s English proficiency.

Difference Between CBSE And ICSE: 


Comparatively, the ICSE system of education is harder than CBSE to master and get a better grade.

This is due to the diverse options available to study in ICSE.


Even though both are similar to the usual state board and provides a wider scope of knowledge, the CBSE system is more popular and followed by many private and public schools. Whereas ICSE is not followed by many schools, only a few schools follow this system, and only the affiliated candidates are allowed to take their exams.


CBSE system only publishes the examination results as grades once the evaluation is over.

But the ICSE system has two stages of result publications. The first sheet publishes the grades based on the marks range, and the second sheet with the marks secured by the students.

The CBSE system gives you an open seat for attending international exams, whereas the others have a wide gap of knowledge comparatively. Also, the ICSE result is accepted by many institutions for further studies.

Education Medium:

CBSE system has different education mediums based on the nativity, but ICSE strictly follows only the English medium of education. This cuts off students who are not familiar with English, but instead, ICSE students can crack most of the English-based exams like TOEFL, etc. Due to this complaint, now the ICSE system also gives Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, etc., as separate subjects.


As told earlier, the ICSE syllabus is harder when compared with CBSE due to its wide options available and the mandatory English medium education.

CBSE focuses on a syllabus based on other international examinations, and you don’t have to prepare separately for those exams.

ICSE system focuses more on developing practical knowledge on a particular topic in students and has similar class plans within.

The CBSE syllabus focuses more on Mathematics and science whereas, the ICSE syllabus is inclined towards arts & Science and language improvement.


If you are planning to pursue an education in a school and then transfer yourself to another place with the same education system, then ICSE is not favorable. Because you won’t find many ICSE affiliated schools in all the places.

There is an exception for CBSE schools at this point, as they are followed widely, and you can find a CBSE school with your preferred language in all places.


CBSE grades are alphabetical (A, B, C, F) in nature, whereas ICSE follows a numerical grading system on a scale of 9. In which a lesser number indicates higher marks.


Both CBSE and ICSE may be hard as students compare it with the state board, but that hard education comes with a worthwhile package of skills that your kids will develop. But consider the difference between CBSE and ICSE along with the downsides of each, and if you come up with a remedy for those, you are more than welcome to be my guest to secure your seat in any one of the affiliated schools.

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