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Artificial plants for outdoors

When we think about decorating our home, one of the very first things that come to our mind is artificial plants. Believe us when we say this, fake plants have become one of the most popular items in the world of home decor. Because of their super easy maintenance, their demand is rising vastly. In the past, people mainly used to use these plants to decorate their indoors. But these days, people are also decorating their outdoors with faux plants or Artificial Topiary Trees. And this is why many people often ask this question- “What are the best artificial plants for outdoors?” Interested in knowing about some faux plants for outdoor decoration, then sit back & relax. Here we will tell you which artificial plants you can choose to decorate your outdoors.

Cycas plant

The first plant on our list is the ‘Cycas Plant.’ It is a beautiful plant that will attract the eyes of anybody with ease. Artificial Cycas plants are special for some specific reasons. These plants are gorgeous. They look somewhat like a cascade of greenery that is similar to a fountain. They look pretty & you can use them indoors & outdoors wherever you want.

Ficus plants with natural trunks

The next plant on our list is so green & inviting. We are talking about ficus plants here. To be specific, the ficus plants that come with natural material trunks. 

They are vibrant & will bring color to any place you put them in. But if you ask us, it will look best on your house entryways. Their dense leaves & their natural material trunks look super real & will catch the eyes of anyone who looks at them.

Dracaena plants

Want something different than the first & second one? The third plant that we have here for you is the ‘Dracaena plant’. 

Yes, it is different. A catchy plant it is. With its varicolored leaves, it will attract the attention of your guests without fail. If you wish to put something unique on your outdoors, you got to give it a try.

Laurel plants with natural trunks

Back again with another beautiful green plant! ‘Laurel plant’ is our topic of the talk here. You can consider this plant a classic & it is probably very familiar to you, especially if you are a U.S citizen. Laurel plants have been in the United States since the 1500s. 

They are lush & super attractive. If you search, you will find laurel plants that come with natural trunks. If you are interested, be sure to purchase one of these because their natural trunks make them even more realistic.

Large olive trees

Want something that will be pretty all year round? A large Olive tree is what you need. You can use it in middle eastern or Tuscan planters & it will look great. 

Artificial Olive trees are pretty strong & durable. So, you will not have to worry about outside elements harming your tree. They will look amazing in walkways, parking lots & other spacious places.


Dear reader, thank you for reading till the end of this article. We have mentioned some beautiful plants that you can use for outdoor decoration. You can buy any of them or even all of them if you desire. But let us remind you of one thing. 

Not all artificial plants will last outdoors. When you buy fake outdoor plants, be sure to buy the ones that come with UV protection. Without UV protection, your plants will lose their color & shine in a short period because of the UV rays, the sun emits during the day. That’s it for now. Thank you again for reading & have a good day!

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