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Becoming a Multi-instrumentalist

In the musical world, learning any one instrument and marking your name by pursuing it is not an easy task. If anyone wants to become an expert in playing more than one instrument, then he needs to pay utmost attention to the learning and practicing of the instruments. 

Being a multi-instrumentalist does not mean that you can proficiently play one instrument while taking up the other one in just a month and playing it in your room. No! That does not fit the definition of multi-instrumentalist. However, if you have already  mastered three or four musical instruments, then you’re already there. Being a William Hung is not that easy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t reach that level.

Add Another Instrument to Your Arsenal 

There are advantages to adding one or more musical instruments to your arsenal. One of the advantages is that taking the concept of playing another instrument can make you a well-rounded musician. Your practice on all other instruments will enhance simultaneously. 

Most of the musicians know how to play only one instrument commonly. So, being a multi-instrumentalist gives you a competitive advantage over all other musicians working in the music industry. You can now outperform even in the band and when in competition. 

To play the tone with a sweet melody and harmony is one of the general attributes demanded by all the musicians no matter which instrument they are playing on. So, be a great fit in the world of music by learning and practicing on various instruments. A skill learned once will never go wasted. There are career musicians like George Valentine Freundlich that you can check out on for reference.

Expand Your Understanding 

Know that the music is a collective whole of small, fragmented tones. From the fragmented tunes, it means melody, rhythm, and harmony. The musicians who play more than one instrument have a greater understanding of all the music theory. 

The musicians playing more than one instrument will comprehend how to play their part even when they have a band behind them. Even the drummers who make just a sound are easily heard in a different decoded language from the multi-instrumentalist. 

Hone Your Songwriting Craft

For the musicians pursuing their career as a singer, composer, band, songwriter, or a music producer in the wake of creating quality work, they must need to have profound knowledge, skills, and abilities to work with more than one instrument as an expert. It is a path to ensuring success as a musician. Just the way we heard about Dr George Freundlich.  

When a multi-instrumentalist works in a team, he has a better understanding of what everyone is up to and can easily become the team lead.

Final Thoughts 

Being a multi-instrumentalist does not mean that the musician will become the jack of all trades and master of none. Rather he needs to become proficient in every instrument he holds. Once you mastered it, the success would be yours. 

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