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One would assume that shopping for bed sheets is easy; you enter a store, choose a pretty piece of cloth and go home happy. But do you know that some fabrics are more long-lasting than others? And that a few can minimize allergies?

All of the fabrics we use are created such that they offer something the rest don’t. fancy bed sheets price in Pakistan varies too as does feel and even quality. Trusted manufacturers are the best people to shop from but in case money’s short or there are no fancy store outlets, you must do the best you can. Here’s an informative guide to help you do just that.

Popular bed sheet materials

There’s a range of bed linen materials but some are better than others in terms of durability and hypoallergenic properties.

Cotton: Cotton is a favorite for being readily available, easy on the skin, cooling and for lasting long. It doesn’t develop lint and despite being prone to wrinkles, still manages to retain its top position as the best bed sheet material.

There are several types of cotton and each differs in quality and price so be careful before making a purchase. Egyptian cotton is the best and the most expensive. The plant is grown in Egypt and the resulting fabric is much softer and luxurious.

Next you have pima cotton which has long fibers and a high thread count, though not as high as Egyptian cotton. The thicker fibers help it last longer even after much wear so you really do get your money’s worth. Then there’s combed cotton, a very soft fabric that’s treated before it’s spun into yarn. The resulting fabric is great for cloth that’s worn close to the skin such as bed linen and clothes.

Polyester: Polyester has an almost satiny feel if it’s the top quality variety. Cheaper and with the capacity to boast a wider range of patterns than cotton, it’s most often used in hotels and motels although an increasing number of homeowners are beginning to appreciate it for its hygienic quality. Unlike cotton, it isn’t absorbent and dust and dirt don’t show up as much.

Linen is usually thought of as rough and textured. It is, to an extent, but high quality varieties are far from the same. Italian linen, for instance, is a high-end fabric made only in Italy, very soft and luxurious.

Characteristics of bed sheet weave

Aside from the material, the weave determines what a piece of fabric looks and feels like. There’s no one perfect weave as personal preference matters.

Flannel: With a flannel weave, the fabric is much softer and thicker. It consists of either a plain or twill-weave with a napped finish, perfect for winter or chilly nights.

Sateen: Where flannel looks and feels thick, sateen sports a satiny finish. The luster is a result of warp yarns floating over weft yarns. This produces a smoother finish that’s softer to the touch too.

Percale: Percale weave has yarns woven tighter to produce a firm, no-gloss feel. Most crispy cotton sheets are woven in this manner.

All fabrics can be patterned, feature a multitude of colors, and boast durability. However, everything depends on the weave and the quality of the material. Care to influences how long-lasting bed sheets are with manufacturer’s instructions to always be properly followed

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