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Before you buy the window blinds

The most popular forms of window treatment are blinds and shades. They have an elegant appearance, the ability to control the amount of light entering the room, and their ease of operation makes them worth having in your home. However, without proper guidance, you may end up choosing the wrong window blinds for your house.

Thus, reading this article will help you find perfect shades for your home.

The purpose 

For some homeowners, it’s about adding elegance to their interior décor. Others want to bring life and functionality to their home. All you have to do is consider your needs and lifestyle, then look out for the features of blinds and shades that will meet that need. Is it privacy, light control, or a stylish look you’re looking for? All that will guide you into choosing the blinds and shades that fit you. 

You’re Budget

Before you get down to buying your window treatments, you need to consider your budget. Pricing of windows’ treatments is pegged on the size, with the larger ones costing more. If you’ve unlimited budget, you can go for the motorized custom shades and blinds. But if your budget is limited, you can choose ready-made shades, and in this case, the vinyl shades are your best bet.

Home interior decoration

There’s your perfect interior décor, and the shades that you choose should complement that. These blinds and shades come in various shades from which you can choose. If you’ve natural tones for your home, you may need shades and blades with subtle colors. Looking for something to add sheer vibrancy to your home? Then window blinds with bold colors are your perfect choice. 

Light and privacy

You need some level of privacy and light in your home, and therefore you’ve to choose blinds and shades on that basis. If you want to block the UV lights or allow natural light to your house, aluminum and cellular shades are your perfect choice. But if light and privacy are not a concern, then sheer fabric blinds and shades will do. 



If you’ve young children and pets, you should get buy blinds that are safe. The safest of shades and blinds options in the market today are the cordless ones. The blind types have no cords that can be pulled and therefore not a threat to the children. 

The window measurements

When you know your window’s exact measurement, it becomes easy for you to choose the most suitable window treatment. Get the measurements of your windows from the top stitching line to the bottom panel. The header fabric is only meant for decoration and therefore should not form part of your measurement. 

Installing blinds and shades is not for every Tom and Harry; if you’re not a professional, don’t waste time trying to fix it. Get an expert to help you out. The person should have the experience and a portfolio of clients they’ve worked with. That way, you’re sure that the blinds and shades will be perfectly fitted on your windows.

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