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Behavioral Activation Therapy for Depression

Behavioral activation therapy is a medical intervention theory to established harmony among depressive people. It has been seen that the psychotics are cut off from society and engage in isolation, thereby maintaining the severity of depression symptoms.

Behavioral activation stems from the depressed mood that explains the type of mental disorder. BA is the most effective treatment option for depression and is now becoming a solid alternative to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

The patient is sent into a pre-depression process under behavioral activation that he once enjoyed. By engaging in activities related to the old aspect of the brain, the patient tries to forget his depressive state.

This article will tell you what is BA and how it is beneficial in depression?

What is Behavioural Activation (BA) And Why It is Required for Depression Patients?

The main idea behind behavioral activation therapy is to empower the depressed person to deal with negativity. The doctor motivates the patient to set long-term life goals. If the patient has a positive goal, it will help him overcome depression.

So in simple words, BA is a medical effort to involve the patient in pre-depressant activities. Experts teach Social and communication skills to patients to come out from depression and behave better.

Scientists have found that our activities determine our mood; for example, when we are happy, we like to do risky tasks and want to spend time with close friends. On the other hand, a person will stop social activities in mental instability moments. Thus BA uses activities to take the depressed person to the opposite side of mood. BA therapy has been a very successful experiment. That’s why doctors like to use it.

A depression patient can go through the following activities for betterment.

  • Exercising
  • Going out to dinner
  • Improving relationships
  • Focusing on set goals
  • Practising new skills
  • Helping in household chores

How Effective is the Behavioral Activation Therapy?

Experienced therapists report that behavior activation is more effective than CBT and less complicated and quicker in treating depression and other psychiatric disorders. BAT emphasizes the investment of social qualities in the patient to behave better both personally and socially. Depression stems from misconceptions about things, and the whole emphasis of behavioral activation is to reconcile the person to reality by engaging in activities.

BAT promises happiness even if a person is suffering from depression due to substance use. So this behavioral activation based on fundamental concepts has become the primary weapon of psychotherapists.

Consult with Psychologist for Severe Depression

Best Counselling Psychologists in Jaipur for Depression

Although one can apply behavioral activation on themselves but a psychotherapist is always a good option. Psychologists are specialists of the human mind and have deep experience of healing methods. A skilled psychotherapist examines your behavior and accordingly applies treatment to you. There may be other methods of psychotherapeutic treatment that you may not be fully aware of. Because everyone has a different level of depression, so professional starts treatments by counseling.

But if you are suffering from a severe level of depression, then CBT and BAT are strong options for you. In the initial phase, you can get treatment from a psychiatrist only through online consultation. Dr. Sanjay Jain, a highly experienced psychiatrist/ psychoanalyst of India, provides depression treatment in Jaipur. Sanjay Jain is a reputed psychologist in Jaipur, but you can get counseling from him in any part of the world through online counselling.

A psychologist works on the following parts to improve your mood.

  • Social skill training
  • Problem-solving training
  • Life area assessment
  • Hierarchy construction (activity easiness determining)

Apart from the above, you will be asked for a self-analysis report in which you need to mention your daily activity and mood and how often you procrastinate tasks.

Such efforts give you brief details of your behavior, knowing that your brain starts working on the bad aspects of life. Under the guidance of a psychologist, you will be able to come out of depression quickly, so before trying any treatment on yourself, be sure to consult an expert.


There is no doubt that behavioral activation therapy is an effective treatment for depression. Although a primary aspect is how we respond to the depressed people around us, this puts a long-term effect on their mood and attitude towards people’s same misconception.

Psychiatry is a common phenomenon if detected early, but we make it serious due to delay in treatment.

Dr. Sanjay Jain is spreading awareness among people through his social media account about the symptoms of mental disorders so that the initial disorder can be cured timely.

So in a nutshell don’t delay the treatment and seek an expert for your mental misery.

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