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Guys, the belt is a very important fashion accessory because, in addition to adjusting slightly loose clothes, it adds a touch of charm and elegance to your look! And it’s a hit both for formal events, like weddings and for partying! 

Want to know how to choose the right size for you? Then you’re in the right place because we gave every detail you need to know about choosing your correct belt size. Also, we recommend the ideal store to shop for the best belts for men. So stick around and read till the end!

How Do You Choose the Right Size?

Did you find that beautiful model after checking our men’s belt store, and you now need to know if it’s the ideal size? There are some tips to get it right!

Measuring your body can be a great way to start. To do this, take the measuring tape and pass it around the area where you’re going to use the accessory, on the waist or a little higher, on the stomach, okay? Ideally, the belt should be a maximum of 15cm, or centimeters, larger than the diameter of the part of the body where it will be used.

Style Also Counts

If the choice is for a model that you want to combine with high-waisted jeans or a dress, it is customary to place this accessory a little higher in the belly area. Now, if the idea is to wear it around the waist, as usually happens in formal attire, such as a suit or denim shorts, then you have to know the diameter of that part of the body, okay?

How Do You Measure the Belt?

If you don’t have contact with the belt, just look at the manufacturer’s description because the measurement is usually detailed, okay? You can also follow this table for men’s belt size in many cases:

  • Size 34 – 85cm to 90cm
  • Size 36 – 90cm to 95cm
  • Size 38 – 95cm to 100cm
  • Size 40 – 100cm to 105cm
  • Size 42 – 105cm to 115cm
  • Size 44 – 115cm to 125cm
  • Size 46 – 125cm to 135cm
  • Size 48 – 135cm to 145 cm
  • Size 50 – 145cm to 170cm

However, these numbers may differ depending on the model and manufacturer. But it gives you a good idea to help you choose the ideal belt size. When marking is done by letters, it usually means that P is 90cm, M is 100cm, and G is 110cm.

What About Children’s Belts?

Children’s belts can be defined by numbers; for example, 65 is for waists between 55cm and 65cm, 75 pieces from 65cm to 75cm, and 85 for 75cm to 85cm. Also, for the letters, the P is usually 70cm, the M is 75cm, and the G is 80cm.


It’s important to know your belt size before purchasing, especially if you’re buying at a place you cannot physically test it on. This helps you get the perfect fit for your waist and gives you the elegant perfection you seek on your dress. You can use a measuring tape and compare it with the size chart. Suppose you want durable and want to buy one of the best belts for men; in that case, you can shop at Red Beards Outfitter.

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