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Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Our hair suffers substantial damage on a daily basis because of exposure to pollution, heat styling, chemical hair products, and so on. Finding a hair care routine that tackles all our hair problems flawlessly is nearly impossible. Ayurvedic hair oil is an exception as it provides multiple benefits if you apply to hair and massage in scalp on a regular basis. Since it is entirely made from natural ingredients, it does not have any negative side effects. 

Key ingredients in Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

  • Bhringaraja (False Daisy) – strengthens hair roots, adds color and vibrancy to hair, prevents split ends, and reduces hair loss.
  • Amla (Indian Gooseberry)– fortifies hair follicles, relieves irritation/itchiness on scalp, and counteracts dryness.
  • Yastimadhu (Licorice) –prevents greying of hair and baldness. 
  • Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry) – combats stress, insomnia, and other conditions leading to hair loss.
  • Bibhitaki(Beleric)– stimulates hair growth and inhibits premature greying.
  • Neem (Indian Lilac) – regenerative properties, immunity-boosting, and prevents lice.
  • Sesame Oil – smoothens and revitalizes hair; also removes dandruff and provides UV protection. 
  • Coconut Oil – serves as an excellent hair conditioner.
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) – moisturizes scalp and improves blood circulation.
  • Methi (Fenugreek) – hydrates hair, strengthens roots, fights dandruff, and remedies hair thinning. 
  • Mustard Oil – nourishes hair and promotes growth. 

How to attain the various benefits of Ayurvedic Oil

As you can imagine, ayurvedic oil is a combination of a wide range of herbs and natural ingredients; together, they can resolve all types of hair issues. It can help you get rid of dandruff, dry skin, itchiness inflammation, irritation, and the likes.  It also protects your hair against damage from the sun’s harmful rays, filth, and pollution. The components of ayurvedic hair oil collaborate with your scalp’s natural oils to restore your hair’s health and luster. The abundance of nutrients in the oil is ideal for dry and damaged hair; it is an effective remedy for dullness, frizz, split ends, brittleness and hair fall. 

Apart from improving the quality, length, and volume of your hair, massaging ayurvedic oil onto the scalp also relieves headache and tension, thereby allowing you to sleep better. The best time to apply the oil to your scalp is at night before going to bed. This practice maximizes the benefits, as your hair gets enough time to soak up the nutrients, without being exposed to outdoor elements. It is also recommended to preheat the oil slightly to enhance absorption and effectiveness. 

Different methods of oil application to the scalp and hair are referred to as ‘MurdhaTaila’ in Ayurveda. The application procedure varies with the purpose and desired outcome.If you are dealing with dry and damaged hair, the oil should be gently massaged into the scalp and hair before bedtime, and then washed off with hot water the next morning. Apply this remedy once a week is unusually feasible, though twice a week is suggested in cases of extreme dryness and split ends.

To remove dandruff and skin flakes, choose an ayurvedic oil that is rich in Neem. This oil should be generously applied to the scalp, and then washed off with warm water after one hour. You can do this multiple times a week, depending on the severity of the issue. If your main goal is to soothe a headache and release tension, apply the oil right after dinner and before going to bed; you can do this whenever you are struggling with insomnia. 

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