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For the longest time, cable TV has been the prime source of televised entertainment for most people around the country. Practically every household had a cable television subscription and a TV set in their homes. The most cherished moments of our household consisted of gathering around the fireplace in the living room, putting on a show on TV, and watching it with our family members. However, now a lot has changed and with it, the technology has advanced significantly. Cable TV is no longer the only source of entertainment because the internet, more specifically, streaming services has taken the front seat in providing entertainment.

But if you are thinking of cutting the cord, then hold on, don’t make hasty decisions because we are here to give you all the reasons why you should not cut the cord. So, sit tight and keep reading this article.

Benefits of Cable TV

There are multiple advantages of cable TV which include a wide collection of channels, live broadcasting of sports events, reliable viewing, and sometimes you can even land a pretty decent deal and bundled offer.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all these advantages.

1.     Massive Collection of Channel Lineups

One of the best things about cable TV is probably its massive and impressive channel lineup. You get to enjoy more than 150 channels, which is not something we can say about live TV streaming services. For instance, some of the leading telecom companies such as Mediacom offer you an outstanding range of networks, which is more than 170. In addition to this, it also offers content for people of Hispanic descent. If you are one of those people then simply go over to Mediacom canales and check out all the Latin channels.

Again, this is not what you can find on popular OTT platforms. You can find movies, documentaries, shows, sitcoms, sports, news, and educational networks, and that too in just one package if you subscribe to a good cable TV provider.

2.     Live Programming

Plenty of popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and such are on-demand Over-the-Top (OTT) media services. But these sites do not offer live streaming of any sports or MMA fights. It is a hallmark of every American household to watch Super Bowl or Olympics together while enjoying takeouts and a big bowl of popcorn. In this scenario, a streaming service is definitely not going to help you.

Yes, we know, that you can watch these must-watch moments on the internet after some time, but again, they would be recorded, and frankly, what is the thrill of it? The real enjoyment lies in the fact that you watch these events in real-time.

In addition to this, it also allows you to watch live programs such as holiday specials, parades, award shows, and whatnot. This is why most people tend to not cut the cord because you cannot catch these events in real-time on the internet, even if you do, the internet connection most of the time does not allow you to enjoy it.

3.     No Requirement for an Internet Connection

Speaking of internet connection, it is a given that almost every household has an internet connection, but it does not mean that your internet connection supports heavy streaming that comes from watching live TV. Streaming services predominantly rely upon an excellent and superfast internet connection. But even if you have a decent connection, multiple devices being connected to one network can end up slowing down your speed. This affects the bandwidth largely and because of that, streaming TV shows and movies smoothly can become a challenge.

In such a situation cable TV is your guy because you will not have to stress over the fact that you could lose the connection. As a result, you can keep enjoying by getting your dose of entertainment.

4.     Video Quality

One of the biggest things that give cable TV an extra point in our book is probably the video quality it provides. Most of the streaming services offer you 1080p or maximum 4K quality, and that too if your internet connection is stable and lightning fast. Not only this, the live TV streaming platforms most of the time only offer 720p quality, which is obviously not something you want.

On the other hand, cable TV keeps providing you a top-notch video quality and that too without relying on a connection. Yes, of course, bad weather and sometimes network outages can play a role in poor video quality but the probability of this happening is quite minimal.

Final Verdict!

Well, do not cut the cord just yet because cable TV might be the source of entertainment that you have been looking for. it has plenty of benefits that give it an edge over streaming services. But still, if you want to have an option of streaming sites then can always bundle up your services with the internet and it will even help you in saving money.

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