Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Benefits of cross-platform development

Cross-platform app development is one of the hottest trends of 2021 in the mobile app development industry. In this article, we at WebSailors will look at 5 benefits of cross-platform applications. Why is it profitable for your business to create cross-platform applications instead of native ones?

1. Shorter development time

One of the key features of hybrid mobile development (or cross-platform application development) is that it allows programmers to reuse most of the application code for different platforms. No need to write new code for Android and iOS. Native apps require coding for each platform separately, so two teams are required at the same time. When building a cross-platform application, you only need one developer. Code reuse in mobile cross-platform app development will provide excellent time and effort savings.

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2. Wider audience

When developing a mobile cross-platform application, many entrepreneurs are wondering which operating system is best to launch an application for Android or iOS? A cross-platform solution allows you to create an application that reaches a wider audience. This application will work on both iOS and Android. Thus, your cross-platform application targets both markets at the same time. First, create an app for one platform to get the product up and running faster. And then quickly add second platform support to your application.

3. Saving budget

 When you are planning to create a mobile application, the first thing you think about is the cost of developing a mobile application. Compared to native apps, cross-platform apps are more cost-effective. You can save up to 30% when choosing this application. Since you don’t need to create tons of code for iOS and Android separately. This makes application development much faster and helps lower the overall cost.

4. Product support and update

Adding functionality or fixing bugs for all platforms at once;

5. Unified application logic – application logic will work the same for all platforms. Written and debugged logic contains potentially fewer errors and discrepancies in its work.


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