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Have you ever noticed how many advertisements for medications are on television these days? If not, look around next time you’re watching TV. There are a lot of advertisements for medications, sleeping pills, cold medicines, etc. It seems like there’s a pill for everything that might ail us, but is this what our bodies actually need? A growing number of people have stopped taking the pill for every symptom, though they don’t just go back to living with their symptoms.

They’ve started looking at a preventative approach to their health – one that encourages a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, exercise, and positive thoughts. They call this integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is described as “integrating mainstream medical therapies and alternative modalities such as nutrition, exercise and mind-body practices into patients’ treatment plans.” This article looks at the different benefits of working with a specialist at Integrative Medica. Read on to learn more.

  • Focuses on Prevention

The number one benefit to integrative medicine is that it focuses on prevention, not treatment. Western medicine does a great job of treating symptoms but not as good a job of preventing them from occurring. Integrative medicine seeks out the underlying causes of our diseases and tries to correct them. This approach is much healthier.

  • It Combines the Best of Both Worlds

There are many great things about Western medicine, but there are also quite a few drawbacks. Integrative medicine seeks out the best of both worlds by integrating alternative therapies such as herbal remedies and acupuncture into mainstream medicine to improve the quality of healthcare. Integrative medicine is where one should turn if they are fighting an illness that doesn’t respond well to Western medicine.

  • A Holistic Approach

Integrative medicine assumes that everything is connected to everything else and that a disruption in one part of the body can harm another part of the body. If you’re suffering from migraines, you could have a nutrient deficiency or food sensitivity causing them instead of just having a lack of pain medication. They look at the whole picture rather than just focusing on one issue.

  • A New Way of Thinking

Many people that have suffered from health problems for years and have not been able to get relief or even figure out what’s wrong with them turn to integrative medicine because their traditional doctors haven’t had any luck either. People use integrative medicine to help them heal and prevent future problems.

  • It’s Not One Size Fits All

Integrative medicine takes a “personalized medicine” approach with each patient instead of everyone getting the same treatment for their condition. It looks at the whole picture, not just the symptoms you’re experiencing now but also your entire medical history, your lifestyle, and everything else that might play a role in the problems you’re currently experiencing.


In summary, integrative medicine is a medical approach that combines alternative and conventional medicine practices for more effective treatment. It focuses on prevention and combines the best from both fields of medicine. It also uses a holistic approach and focuses on creating a customized treatment plan for each patient based on their needs.


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