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Regenerative medicine is when your body cells are extracted and injected into the injured part to repair and rebuild tissue. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies are the treatments in regenerative medicine. People are currently adopting the process as it involves natural healing and promotes fast recovery. However, you might have a challenge finding a reliable Atlanta, GA aesthetic & regenerative medicine specialist to take you through the treatment successfully. Here are some benefits that will help you opt for regenerative medicine. 

Fast recovery

If you use PRP therapy, platelets are directly injected into the injured body. The treatment site will heal quickly since all healing and growth factors concentrate on the injured area. Platelets are blood cells responsible for the healing process, hence initiating the healing process quickly. You will not note the healing immediately, but it will be effective after several days.

No surgery needed

Stem cells and PRP therapy will aid in situations that might need surgery, such as torn rotator cuffs that require surgery to heal. It is advisable to forego surgery and use your cells for healing. Regenerative therapy also reduces your expenses as surgery is time-consuming and expensive. You will also take a shorter time to heal with regenerative medicine than with surgery.

Strengthens your body

Since new and healthy cells are injected into your body, they will improve the condition of your tissue. The regenerated body part will grow stronger as it is concentrated with new cells and platelets. Exomes in stem cells activate cellular regeneration in existing cells making adjacent tissue stronger.

Reduced risk of injuries

There will be no cutting in an injury involving a joint or cartilage as they will naturally regenerate. The process involves natural healing. No mechanical interventions are applied; you will encounter minimal risks of injury in the future.

Limits side effects

Regenerative medicine uses cells exclusively from your own body. Cells are drawn from body fat or bone marrow in stem cell therapy, while PRP platelets are taken from your blood. No foreign substance is introduced into your body in regenerative therapy; hence it will hardly react or have adverse effects. Regenerative medicine reduces the risks of scarring, heavy bleeding, and infections.

Natural healing

Platelets contain proteins rich in growth factors that promote natural healing. Growth factors will encourage the regeneration of cells released by your body, leading to the healing process. Platelets promote healing and blood clotting. Your body entirely relies on natural factors, your cells, to heal. Stem cell therapy stimulates hair growth and substitutes scars with new healthy tissue from your body cells, which multiply to produce more cells.

Minimal pain and inflammation

Only slight discomforts of injections are experienced during regenerative therapy. Little time is taken to inject the injured part into it as it is a short process. Regenerative treatment will reduce inflammation as your body uses its cells to heal. Pain around the injured part should subside over the healing process.

With the above benefits, you will undoubtedly look for a specialist to determine if regenerative medicine is right for you. Request an appointment online with John David Mullins, MD PC, to help you learn the benefits of regenerative medicine.

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