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Bangalore is one for the best place for picnickers, nature lovers, and for those who want to spend a great time. We all know the popular things in Bangalore and in fact we know the one side of Bangalore but we may not aware of another side of Bangalore. That is “Lakes”, in the olden days Bangalore was called as the “Lake City”. So Bangalore is one of the best places for boating, and here are 5 boating places in Bangalore.

  • Agara Lake

Agara Lake is one of the best and natural lakes in Bangalore; this lake has spread across an area of about 98 acres. This beautiful lake attracts a variety of birds; the amazing scenery of the colorful birds attracts more number of people. The best attractions of this lake are iconic “Children-Globe-Rooster” statue, a walkway around the lake, nearly 230 fruit-bearing tree saplings, various species of fish, and birds. Going to boating in this beautiful place will be amazing.

  • Yediyur Lake

Yediyur Lake is one of the popular and oldest lakes in Bangalore. This lake is very much popular among bird watchers and joggers. The lake is being the home for the variety of birds and it attracts various kinds of birds throughout the year. You can spot every kind of bird; from the waddling ducks to the mottled wood owls, kingfishers, Asian koels, black-winged kites, doves, jacanas, etc. The recent addition of this lake is boating, and to control the pollution there are no motorboats (diesel may leak and be harmful to the aquatic life) so only motorboats will be available and that gives you the best feeling.

  • Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake is the stunning and best lake for boating and refreshing, and this lake is one of the largest lakes in Bangalore. If you are a nature lover, picnicker, or boating lover then this lake is for you. This lake is the best landscape to calm yourself and the greenery surrounds the lake will be mesmerizing. Ulsoor lake offers a lot of activities, so stay there relax, chill, see the colorful birds, plants, and trees, and go for boating.

  • Yelahanka Lake

Yelahanka Lake is the recently renovated and revived lake and it is known for its beautiful scenery and boating. This place is quite affordable for boating and gives a good experience. Also, you can have a great time by being in the renovated park. Relax and enjoy, go for boating. Yelahanka lake might even introduce some water sports (banana boat ride, water trampoline, etc).

  • Sankey Tank

Sankey Tank is one of the ideal places in Bangalore to relax and enjoy; also the Sankey tank is the best and oldest lake. The lake will be surrounded by a beautiful garden, and a lot of migratory birds will come here, especially during the winter. You can have a great time at this lake by admiring the beauty of nature. You should follow budingstar for more interesting information. The Sankey tank has a swimming pool, a beautifully landscaped park, and amazing walkways.

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