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That’s a pretty bold statement for any Amazon suspension reinstatement service to make! In fact, any services claiming to be the best in the game has to have the evidence to back that claim.

But truly, if all cards were on the table, what really makes any Amazon suspension appeal service the best among all other similar services?

Naturally, something has to be different. There has to be an element or two which set a service apart from others.

Let’s discuss these briefly:

Knowledge and Experience:

Strategies are there to be imitated and even stolen, but you simply can’t replicate knowledge and experience! A good appeal service will be one that is comprised of individuals who are equally as knowledgeable as they are experienced. In fact, it takes a great deal of both knowledge and experience to figure how why a suspension occurred in the first place. These individuals should have deep insight into Amazon and its workings, otherwise there is not much they’ll be able to do.

Same goes for the writers who are writing the appeals. Obviously, they need to be competent not just with the concepts, but also the language which they use to communicate with Amazon. A good writer has excellent mastery over writing techniques and knows the right combination of words that will get Amazon’s attention.

Appeals Worth Their While

Many suspension services offer one-size-fits-all solutions to all suspensions. They think that just writing letters will be enough to get the job done right and offer pre-made templates to their clients. That’s pretty much the equivalent of operating a shoe store and selling nothing but the exact same model, with the exact same size! Clients are different, their suspensions are different, and there should be different approaches to their cases.

An Amazon appeal service that is worth its while, is one that approaches every case uniquely and the appeals they write are unique to each case. The key to the success of an appeal service is uniqueness to approach, and tailored reinstatement processes for their clients.


Reinstatements take time. Some might even take months to reach a conclusion. That means it’s a waiting game, and clients need to be updated regularly. Keeping secrets is not a constructive way of doing this. Transparency is key for all clients and a decent Amazon appeals service will keep an open line of communication with their clients, updating them every step of the way.


Last but not least, an Amazon appeal service needs to be very resilient. Amazon can sometimes be a pain to deal with, especially during suspensions, and reinstatement services need to be resilient in carrying out their task. They must consistently keep pace with Amazon and ensure that the process is coming along smoothly.

There are many things that make an Amazon appeal service truly the best in the game. We’re not ones to brag here at Got Suspended? but with our resources and experience, we’re definitely one of the bests in this industry, if not the best. Just get in touch with us and you’ll find out why!

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