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An SSL Certificate is a must for every online website to provide a secure environment to your users.

SSL Certificate is a must for websites that use sensitive information of users such as banking sites, shopping sites, financial sectors, and payment systems.

While the internet is inundated with plenty of cheap and reliable SSL certificate providers, you still need to choose the one that suits your business the most.

On top of that, you must ensure the maximum security on your websites.

The best part is that you do not always have to shell out a massive budget to install an SSL certificate. You can get a cheap and at the same time a reliable SSL provider with considerable ease.

Before we proceed, you should know that all top SSL providers offer up to 256-bit encryption along with diversified SSL portfolio. Furthermore, there are three different categories of SSL certificates, which are EV SSL Certificate, OV SSL Certificate, DV SSL Certificate. So, you need to figure out what type of SSL certificate is better suited for your business.

You can choose anyone according to the level of security you want to impose.

Check out the detailed summary of some of the top cheap SSL Certificate providers.

1. CheapSSLShop





The company provides SSL certificates from top-rated SSL brands such as Thawte, Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, and GlobalSign. It focuses more on customer-oriented policy than any other company in the industry. No wonder it boasts of the highest happy customer ratio.

The company offers 24/7 customer support and SSL certificates at the lowest prices. Plus, the company provides certificate products for web and eCommerce security.

If we talk about the price then, CheapSSLShop provides Wildcard SSL Certificate for unlimited subdomains for $59.50 while the lowest price of single SSL certificate starts from $7.00 that is quite lower compare to other SSL providers.

Here are some of its key features:

  • SHA-256 Encryption
  • Google Rank Boosting
  • Mobile Support
  • 30-Day Refund policy
  • Automated Process
  • Provides cheap SSL certificates from Globally trusted brands

2. Comodo


Comodo is the leading SSL certificate provider that offers SSL to small and medium-sized businesses at very affordable prices. Their SSL certificates offer real-time verification of the businesses along with 2048-bit RSA key.

Comodo offers other SSL products, such as Domain Validation, Extended Validation, Code Signing Certificates, Organization Validation, and more. Range starts from $88 to $398 per year.

What Comodo Offers:

  • Positive SSL for basic security
  • Comodo SSL to secure your Ecommerce stores
  • EV SSL for more stringent security and a green bar
  • Comodo wildcard for unlimited subdomains security

Key Features:

  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Offers a secure Site Seal with SSL certificate
  • Provides certificates that result in various up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Strict Validation that makes the authority legitimate
  • Modern Encryption of 256-bit strength
  • Diversification of SSL certificates as per Business needs
  • 24/7 customer centric support

3. RapidSSL

Rapid ssl

RapidSSL offers reliable SSL certificates with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their SSL certificates secure multiple servers accurately and have 99% browser recognition.

What RapidSSL Offers:

The best part is that RapidSSL offers only domain validation certificate including

  • Single domain SSL certificate and
  • Wildcard SSL certificate

You can install RapidSSL certificates on multiple servers, and there is no extra or hidden cost for multiple servers.

On top of that, it allows you to easily manage all your certificates from a single account with its SSL management console.

RapidSSL certificate comes with a Trusted Site Seal and gives strength of 256-bit encryption.

This SSL provider is owned by GeoTrust and offers one of the most reasonably priced SSL certificates, starting as low as $17.95 annually.

However, RapidSSL mainly provides certificates for small businesses, whereas GeoTrust deals with corporate giants.

Here are some of its most key features:

  • RapidSSL offers 24/7 support to its clients without charging any additional cost.
  • Certificate type offered is Domain Validation with 256-bit encryption
  • $10,000 warranty along with a Site Seal.
  • Immediate issuance
  • Unlimited Subdomains Security

4. GoDaddy



GoDaddy is one of the most famous names in the web hosting and domain registration industry. Naturally, it’s a front runner when it comes to its SSL certificate services as well.

GoDaddy covers unlimited secure servers, and their price starts at $79.99 per year. While another SSL category includes multi domain SSL, EV SSL. Code Signing, and wildcard SSL and the price starts from $159.99/yr.

What GoDaddy Offers?

GoDaddy offers different range of SSL certificates starting as below:

  • Single domain SSL
  • Multi domain SSL
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Managed SSL Services
  • Code Signing

Other key features:

  • GoDaddy offers 24/7 support over a phone call, live chat, and live email
  • It also provides a 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Allows protection to multiple websites
  • A DV SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption

There are other providers also that offer SSL certificate but to give you an idea of the cheapest SSL certificate, we have put a few brand names. I hope this will help you to decide your correct SSL certificate.

Final Thought!

Consumers tend to gravitate towards brands and companies that have a stellar reputation in the industry. And therefore, it is exceedingly essential to building an excellent reputation for your ecommerce store by securing it with an SSL certificate.

Many other cheap SSL providers in the market are not covered in this article, but the ones mentioned above are some of the most well-recognized and reliable SSL providers in the market.  They are not only cheap, but they also offer certificates with most-trusted security.

From above listed SSL providers, we can easily gauge that from the price point of view and encryption strength, authentication, you can rely on CheapSSLShop that will fulfils business’s online security requirement easily but at cost effective price.

Before making a final decision, make sure to evaluate your budget, business requirements, and other vital factors. Always compare all your options before spending money, especially on those companies that charge high prices.

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