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Best Architectural Projects in UAE

Some of the most inspiring examples of architectural prowess can be found in the UAE, blending the traditional and modern to create novel experiences. Designers within the region have implemented interesting patterns, styles, and designs to create landmarks that stand the test of time. Their inherent nuances and flow make them unique within the global ecosphere of architecture.

Several buildings such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Marmoris, Cayan towers, and the Opus are exceptional examples of innovative architecture. Their interplay of angles, curves, flow, and storytelling make them elegantly stand out while inspiring a generation of designers through their presence. These buildings are also highly sustainable by design, using innovative materials, styles, and conservation methodologies to ensure energy efficiency.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Probably the most iconic building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is designed using best practices in modern and contemporary architecture. The massive scale of the 2,700 ft. structure is what is truly inspiring about the project, along with its triple-lobed footprint, which is a concept inspired by the Hymenocallis flower. Over 1000 pieces of art have been added to the interiors of the building to bring a sense of wonder and imagination for occupants.

The three key elements, arranged around a centralized core, emerge as a Y-shaped tower with setbacks across its wings. The resulting configuration can help support 160 storeys of impressive architectural might, giving it the record for the world’s highest occupied floor. The spiral design, onion domes, and the sculpted spire blend together to produce one of the most impressive structures in the history of architecture.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

One of the tallest hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab, is a stellar example of modern construction and innovation in architectural design. The design is inspired by a ship’s sail and is a key example of the power of ingenuity in aesthetics when planning a project. The top design consultants in UAE take inspiration from the structure when developing nuanced projects for their clients.

Developed with over 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and 9,000 tons of steel, the structure is designed with an impressive vision of luxury accommodation in mind. In fact, the building’s interiors are gilded with more than 1,790sqm of 24-carat gold leaf while using 24,000sqm of the finest Statuario marble. It also houses the highest atrium in the world and is a top destination for travellers and local visitors.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace is one of the most luxurious projects in the world, with a traditionally inspired design adorned with opulent contemporary and modern interiors. With a total floor space of 850,000m² and dedicated underground parking for more than 2500 cars, the hotel is designed to be massive in scale.

The architecture of the structure is inspired by traditional Islamic elements, such as rhythm, domes, and hierarchy. The structure captures unique geometrical patterns over 114 smaller domes, with a central dome acquiring prominence within its design. It is the largest dome in the world, at 197 feet, and is an impressive and unique architectural marvel. The interior elements are also all inspired by Arabian themes, with luxury-oriented finishes to make occupants feel comfortable.

The Marmoris, Dubai

The Marmoris residential project, planned by one of the top design consultants in UAE, Prasoon Design, is an innovative architectural project blending the best of modern and contemporary architecture. With 24 floors of luxurious apartments, the building takes inspiration from the flow-state nature of water and waves. The design is bold, eco-friendly, and unique, making it one of the most impressive structures in the city’s landscape.

The sculptural lattice is made up of prefabricated FRP panels, and the building is designed to maximize visual interest. The building has a double façade with a glass curtain wall that brings in natural light. This optimizes energy consumption for the building, enabling solar shading and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

Etihad towers are a stunning feat of architectural design and planning and are a five-tower complex with exceptional views of the Arabian Gulf. The entire project was designed to showcase mastery in design and planning while bringing a strategic vision to life through steel and concrete. The 280 mt. tall 460,000-square-meter mixed-use tower, brings together unique architectural design, lush landscaping, and ultra-luxurious interior design.

The blending of memorable experiences through contemporary architecture has made this skyscraper composition unique in the region. While housing 887 luxury apartments and 53 floors of office space, it also hosts the iconic Jumeirah hotel and has parking capabilities for more than 3200 vehicles. The project is one of a kind in the architectural realm, as it has a unique slenderness ratio while being structurally stable.

Dubai Opera, Dubai

Dubai Opera is a technological achievement in the field of architecture and construction, as it aims to capture the imagination of visitors entering from all corners. The 2000-seater multi-format theatre is at the heart of The Opera District in Dubai and is one of the most impressive examples of scale and aesthetics in architecture.

The bow & hull design is unique in the region, as both components have a distinct feature and use. The bow of the structure houses the main performance centre and seating zones. The sky garden offers a lounge and luxury sitting area, while the hull area is a waiting zone for visitors. Using hydraulics, the capacity of the theatre can be modified to fit in any format of show or event.


Leading architects have been redefining spaces within UAE, focusing on blending storytelling, artistic expression, and structural engineering. Architects are developing scale-driven projects across different cities in the UAE, inspiring designers to learn more about the innovative techniques adopted. Added to that, architects and design consultants in UAE are integrating sustainability into their plans to ensure lifelong conservation of valuable resources.

Along with the intersection of tradition and contemporary styles, designers are continuously looking for new ways to improve energy use and lower reliance on traditional systems. From busy commercial districts to sky-piercing towers, UAE’s architecture has completely transformed the outlook of the global construction sphere.

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