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Nowadays, we all are interested in e-sports and competitive gaming. All the enthusiastic gamers are looking for a sound competitive advantage over their competitor. And, with a high refresh rate monitors; we can achieve that with budget friendly options in the market. Best budget gaming monitors 144Hz refresh rate under 150 dollar are high in demand during these days In the past, high refresh rate monitors were available at a very huge price tag. However, the price of higher refresh rate monitors has dropped due to more variations and competition in the market, there are now quite a few best budget gaming 144Hz monitors available. 

With the advancement in the technology and growing competition has given us some great best budget 144Hz gaming monitors with a good quality. The gaming monitor arena keeps expanding with new vendors, models and features. The options are overwhelming, from screen technologies (Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Free-Sync), to faster refresh rates with at least 144Hz.

While you might think restricting yourself to a budget would leave you with very few options, there are actually plenty of best budget gaming monitors at 144Hz. The options available to you even include a variety of great features of QHD displays, curved screens, and smooth visual monitors too. The demand for best budget gaming 144Hz monitors has been really increased, so this is a great time to pick up a budget friendly gaming monitor. Rather than having to think about setting the right balance between cost, features, and graphics, we’ve listed some of the best budget gaming monitors 144Hz for all of you out there.

1. Acer Nitro XV273K 

The Acer Nitro XV273K is the best gaming monitor if you want the sharp detail of 4K resolution. Free-Sync and G-Sync Compatibility, availability of both means you can use Adaptive-Sync with both AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. 

Image quality looks great with the Nitro’s high pixel density 163 pixels per inch, and the extra boost of color from its DCI-P3 color space adds to the monitor’s high image depth. HDR content won’t look as good as on a display with a full-array local dimming (FALD). It has display feature of super bright at over 500 nits and 144Hz refresh rate with a solid build. It doesn’t have a dynamic contrast with inaccurate white point in sRGB mode. Still, the Acer Nitro XV273K is the best budget gaming 144Hz monitor in the market.

2. Asus TUF Gaming VG259Q

It has a screen size of 24.5″with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 which provides smooth visuals. It has panel type of IPS Free-Sync and G-Sync with a compatible refresh rate of 144Hz and response time of 1ms. It offers you a viewing angle of 178H/178V with a good contrast ratio of 1000:1 The response times on this monitor are very competitive as it runs at a 1ms rapid response time, so you’ll have a very sleek performance. Of course, this product is also set to have a refresh rate of 144Hz, but it also has a full HD level of resolution so that you can experience some excellent detail in the games that you choose to play.

3. AOC 27G2 Gaming Monitor

The other ultra-cheap 144Hz monitor is one of our best choices. This comes in at a few dollars less than listed above. This monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate and comes with AMD’s Free-Sync technology. There are a few features of this monitor that make it stand out. This gaming monitor is as functioning as it is affordable, and It has a 27-inch display at Full HD, so you will have a great visual treat for yourself. And, it runs that display at 144Hz with support of Free-Sync technology. The IPS Panel also keeps colors accurate and viewing angles wide, so you can enjoy all sorts of detailed visuals of your game or you can also use the display for work.

4. Dell D2719HGF

This baby offers a great balance between a matte finish and a glossy coating. Colors aren’t dulled as they are a typical matte-finish screen and prone to glare and reflections. The transition from white to gray and gray to black was very much smooth. TN panels are popular with gamers because they offer faster response time, and this model showed its speed running at a refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms response time. These are some of our recommendations for you guys to select best budget gaming 144Hz gaming monitors for your best gaming experience.

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