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Cable TV services have been a great source of entertainment for many households for years and in the COVID-19 situation, these entertainment services were no less than life saviors. Cable TV is a major source of entertainment, mostly for the seniors as that keeps them busy and entertained. They are familiar with the system and know the dos and don’ts. Streaming platforms can be a bit troubling for them so they prefer to use cable TV services as that comes in their comfort zone.

Most people who are into movies and TV shows get streaming services as you get tons of quality content with the streaming platforms. There are multiple streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, etc. which offer amazing content to their subscribers at a very economical cost. Streaming platforms don’t offer you Live TV and sports content so many people get cable TV services even if that exceeds their budget and those who like to watch movies get some premium channels as well. Cable TV has its own viewership and you can’t just break that audience.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many households have been through financial issues, and now even when the situation is getting better, many people still are on a low budget. We know how hard it is to manage everything in such hard times. To help you out and be a part of your journey, we have done some research and pulled up the best cable TV service providers that will make your entertainment experience better.

Top Cable TV Service Providers For Families


  • Spectrum


Spectrum is one of the largest cable companies in America that has been providing cable TV, internet, and home phone services to millions of customers for years. Spectrum has everything in its bucket to offer you. For instance, with Spectrum Select TV, you get access to 125+ channels that include news and entertainment channels along with the kids’ programming. This plan is very economical and if you are on a low budget, this plan will be perfect for you.

If you want some premium channels like HBO Max as well, then you can get Spectrum Silver or Gold packages, which offer premium content along with the regular local channels. You can pick any plan that suits your needs. No matter which plans you get, there will be no contract and all the plans will be coming with a price lock-in of a year at least.


  • Grande Cable


If you live in the South, you’ll get the best cable TV service from Grande, which provides services throughout Texas. Grande offers next-generation features and gives you control over your entertainment – powered by TiVo. With Grande cable, you will get the option to choose from three different plans with amazing channel lineups. If you are looking for a cable TV plan for your family, you can go for GRANDE PREFERRED CABLE PACKAGE that includes 220+ Entertainment, Sports, News, and Kids Channels. You will get access to streaming services with TiVo and 50 digital music channels anyway.


  • RCN


RCN has the best deals for families and has a lot to offer to its customers. Those who are looking for an affordable TV plan and also want internet services can go for RCN Digital Basic TV and Internet 50 Mbps. With this plan, you will get more than 70 channels that will include basic entertainment channels and with the internet, you will get download speeds up to 50 Mbps. So, if you want to watch sports and news channels but you also like to stream Netflix, then you go for this plan. RCN has other plans as well. You can explore all the options and pick any plan that suits your needs.


  • COX


COX is another cable TV provider that offers standalone cable TV plans along with bundle deals for big households and anyone can pick a plan that suits their budget. COX offers multiple cable TV plans and it all depends on your needs. If you need a premium TV plan, you can get that with COX and if you want just regular local channels, COX has its basic TV plan that offers you all the regular channels.

COX cable TV plans come with a contract of a year. If you want a plan without a contract, you will have to pay some extra bucks every month. 


  • Suddenlink


In the past, if you wanted to get cable TV service with Suddenlink, you had to get a bundle with the internet but now due to the higher demand, the company has started offering standalone cable TV services. If you are looking for an ideal channel lineup at an economical cost, Suddenlink is the best shot you can have. Even if you go with the basic plan, you will get more than 200 channels with over 60 HD networks. The channel lineup includes ESPN, Disney Channel, MTV, and more.


  • Xfinity


Xfinity is one of the most widely available service providers in America. The company is providing reliable and economical services to millions of customers, and the numbers are going up every day due to the amazing reviews by the current subscribers. For a big household, Xfinity has the best value Ultimate TV plan that gives you access to more than 185 channels including cooking channels, DIY Network and ESPNU. You will have the best TV experience with Xfinity and you can always upgrade or downgrade the plan as per your needs and budget.


  • Verizon FIOS TV


Verizon offers TV services via the Fios technology and is one of the most reliable service providers in America. The company isn’t widely available but those who are getting services from Verizon Fios are very lucky.

With Verizon’s cheapest plan, you can get more than 125 channels and if you want more channels, you can go for the More Fios TV plan and can get access to more than 300 channels. The best part is that with Verizon, you get the option to choose 5 of your most favorite channels that you can never miss, and based on the selection, the company will recommend you a plan that suits your taste. This way, you won’t be getting anything extra or basic.

Summing It Up

Getting a cheaper TV plan is everyone’s desire because no one likes to pay extra. The aforementioned cable TV service providers are the best options you have if you are looking to choose a reliable cable TV service provider for your family.

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