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Gone is the time when the kitchen was a forgotten room indoors, and the kitchen colors should always be white and without any grace.

Today, this environment has as much personality and importance as any in a decoration project, gaining modern, elegant, and life-filled visuals.

Also, there are no more rules as to the colors for the kitchen. Everything is allowed. Just bring harmony and practicality to your home.

Innovative furniture, unusual colors, and combinations are trends that interior design and decoration events have presented in recent times. You should not even be worried about how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets or shelves.

They’re attracting the attention of those who’re beginning to decorate or thinking about renovating the kitchen.

Are there rules for choosing colors?

There is currently no more extended right or wrong at the time of decorating and choosing the colors for the kitchen.

You need to look at the available space and keep in mind what your intention is, what style you want to apply in the environment.

What are the best colors to paint a kitchen?

Check out below some tips and the prominent trends by some of the best Edmonton Painters that are on the rise and promise to remain strong next year:

1 – Vivid Colors

Betting on bright colors when decorating is an excellent way to transform the kitchen into a more cheerful and modern environment.

Colorful and vibrant tones are fashionable, and the exciting thing to wear them is that they can appear not only on the walls but also on the furniture.

If you don’t dare too much, you can opt for only two walls with more vibrant colors and combine them with more neutral tones to achieve the style you want.

The shades of royal blue and yellow, for example, are great for a decoration inspired by past decades, more vintage. On the other, red is perfect for filling the empty spaces and bringing more excitement to the environment.

Below are other interesting combinations of kitchen colors that you can adopt or get inspired to decorate yours:

  •  Emerald Green and Copper

The combination of these two colors so intense, give the kitchen a very classic and luxurious appearance.

  •  Pink and Brown/Black

Although unusual, the mixture between pink and brown/black is quite impressive. It leaves the atmosphere romantic and cozy.

  •  Blue and Green

Some people believe this combination to be a little cheesy.

However, if the right shades of blue and green are combined, the result can be surprising. Harmonized with white, they make the atmosphere more cheerful.

  • Black and Grey

Despite being a combination of colors for a somewhat familiar kitchen, black and gray leave the environment sophisticated and very stunning.

  •  Yellow and White

Yellow is a great color to brighten and brighten the environment.

Combined with white and wooded tones, it makes the kitchen more lively and welcoming.

  • Blue and Red

The combination of red and blue are not very targeted as colors for the kitchen.

However, this unusual combination is ideal for those who like a more sober environment with a modern touch.

  •  Neutral tones

Neutral tones, such as brown and white, are usually more classic people’s choices.

But it is possible to create a modern and relaxed atmosphere using these tones.

  •  Shades of lilac and purple

Colors such as lilac and purple, and their variant tones, make the kitchen more feminine and modern.

  •  Orange

For a very modern and relaxed environment, nothing better than to bring the joy of orange and combine it with neutral tones, such as gray, for example.

2 – Total Black

Total Black is one of the top color trends for this year’s kitchen and will likely move into next year as well.

The concept of Total Black establishes that black is the new white, so it can be used in different ways when planning the environment’s decoration.

The Total Black-style kitchen, contrary to what many imagine, doesn’t look “sinister.”

This dark and neutral color is used to make the space more stylish and contemporary.

3 – Shades of Grey

Forget the traditional white kitchen because it’s numbered.

Besides vibrant colors and Total Black style, another strong trend of kitchen colors is shades of gray.

Like black, this dark color is used in the décor to make the atmosphere more elegant and sophisticated.

In this case, it is possible to decorate the kitchen only with shades of gray or make combinations using vivid colors, such as yellow.

4 – Serendipity Style

The Serendipity style is perfect for you who don’t like dark or very flashy colors.

This style, which has been gaining more interest from decorators, stands out for its minimalist and delicate aesthetic.

Bet on light colors and Provencal elements (small pieces of decoration such as white porcelain and flower pot in the table’s center).

In a Serendipity-style kitchen, everything is clear, charming, and functional. It is usually decorated in pastel tones and also with small gardens of succulent plants.

Natural wood is another highlight detail in the environment, as well as baskets and trays.

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