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Best costume ideas during pregnancy

One of the best stages in a woman’s life is when she is pregnant and there are many things that can be done during that stage and one of them is to take advantage of that little belly to make some tender and beautiful design or simply take advantage of it to complement it with a creative disguise and funny.

Finding a costume for pregnant women is easier than you think. For costumes you can decorate the belly directly or wear a shirt. That will depend a lot on you and your tastes. Also keep in mind that if you take your belly to the air you will get a little cold, so you will have to look at how much you can be and your baby too. We show you some of the most original and best-selling costumes for the Carnival.

Keep in mind the usual precautions when you are pregnant when choosing the best costume. We must look for garments that do not press the belly, that do not squeeze or disturb the baby that grows and that are comfortable and breathable. In addition, we must ensure, if we are going to paint our skin that the paints we use are clean of toxic and are suitable for use in pregnant women, since not all products will be. Normally, the colors and dyes suitable for children are also for pregnant women but it is better to make sure of it before buying it.

  • Pumpkin: easy, fast and not only for Halloween. For this costume you only need a top, your belly, some black leggings and some paintings. It is a fast and simple disguise and more if you do not have much time either. Also, you do not need almost any accessories, and it’s an original way to go in disguise, have fun and be comfortable.
  • Avocado or fried egg: Take advantage of the volume of your belly to adapt the costume. One of the most fun options is to go for avocado. For this you will need a brown or black shirt that fits well to your body and mark the gut, which will make the avocado bone. Around it you can go the rest of the fruit, which you can draw and paint on a cardboard. Fasten it with rubber bands. In the legs you can wear leggings or leggings also green or brown. With this you will have the costume ready for Halloween or carnival.

Another version of this costume is to replace the avocado with a fried egg. If you wear a yellow shirt the yolk will be the belly and also with cardboard and white paint you can draw the white around it.

  • Skeleton: Halloween is one of the favorite costumes for pregnant women but also for children. And you just need to get a black set with bones. You could even do it yourself and go sticking the bones to the pants and the black shirt. If it is cold in your city, it is a good alternative because you can choose clothes with a thermal fabric, and thus be almost a source of heat walking in carnivals. This costume is perfect to wear on Halloween if you are pregnant because the theme is appropriate for this holiday. It’s about wearing a shirt (also tight) and black pants. Blank above will be drawn the human skeleton, the trunk in particular. However, in the area of the belly there will be another small skeleton, obviously that of the future baby.
  • Planet: you will love to go planet. It is very simple. The best option is for example Saturn, since you can paint the belly of yellow, and then take a ring around. It also does not need many accessories, so you will not have to complicate much.
  • Ghost: it is one of the easiest disguises. It is not so original but it is quite comfortable for pregnant women. A good idea is to take a pretty long shirt almost of dress, and that is white. Then you only have to paint two black eyes and one mouth as if it were a ghost. It is also a good option because you can wear leggings that are one of the most comfortable pants for pregnant women.

•           Winnie the pooh: Winnie the Pooh is an endearing character that we all know. This bear so honey lover is much related to childhood and is ideal for a pregnant woman, because it is also distinguished by its adorable belly. To look like you, your best allies will be the long yellow tights. At the top choose also a yellow long-sleeved shirt. Above this you must wear a shirt with short lengths and red sleeves. To finish, put some bear ears on the top of your head. It is ideal for carnival because you can go warmer.

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