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Zodiac Signs

Be it a birthday or any special festival or occasion, gifts manage to bring a beautiful smile to the faces of your loved ones and show them your care and affection. While there are a lot of gift ideas available online and offline, that you can choose and give to your loved ones, birthdays are one such occasion when the birthday boy/girl surely deserves a gift like no other. One such gift that you might never have thought about our crystals that come in various shapes and sizes and are specific to each zodiac known for bringing luck and prosperity into their lives. Here are crystals according to each zodiac that makes for amazing gifts. Find your gift according to your friend’s zodiac and surprise them like never before.It pays to research more on reputable sites for crystals definition online so you can ensure that you are gifting the right crystal to your loved one.  

Aries: The perfect crystal for your Aries friend is Carnelian. Known to be the feisty and fierce sign of the zodiac, this crystal will surely keep them grounded. You can give this crystal to a family member or close ones or also plan to give a wish tree of this beautiful crystal. 

Taurus: This sign is believed to be a sucker for classy things when it comes to life and food. Pretty open to love, this sign is ruled by Venus and therefore to keep their heart safe, a Rose Quartz crystal is the best gift to wish them good luck for life. 

Gemini: Characterized as an intelligent zodiac sign, people of the Gemini sun sign are obsessed with increasing their knowledge at all times. The crystal that would help such a sign the best is a Citrine crystal which is believed to enhance knowledge and improve memory. Make your Gemini friend happy with this amazing present on their birthday. 

Cancer: Feeling everything dramatically is the sure sign of this zodiac and people with cancer as their zodiac sign can become very intense during their sad days. To calm their dramatic persona, a Moonstone crystal will definitely help. 

Leo: This zodiac is believed to be the achiever of all things and to bring positivity and creativity into your Leo friend’s life, a Tiger’s Eye crystal is the best pick. This will not only help them in increasing their confidence but also make them realise their true worth. 

Virgo: One of the most practical signs in the zodiac, a Virgo analyzes its own as well as the actions of the people around them. Red Jasper is the crystal that brings clarity into their lives and helps them make decisions with much clarity. 

Libra: A Libra is one of the calmest of the lot and a Lapis Lazuli crystal will surely help them create balance in their life. For all the energies that go in the wrong direction much often a wish tree of Lapis Lazuli crystal surely proves to be effective. 

Scorpio: With a desire for all fine things in life, a Scorpio can have negative hidden thoughts that can be cleared with the Obsidian crystal. A right fit for all the Scorpions, this crystal will help them wipe all negative thoughts and emotions out of their mind. 

Sagittarius: Known to bring luck wherever they go, a Sagittarius is a spirited archer. A Turquoise crystal can bring positive energy and luck into their lives and help them retain their luck and charm very easily.   

Capricorn: Often aiming at gaining prosperity and success, a Capricorn personality will rhyme well with the Jade crystal that is also believed to be a symbol of prosperity and success. For a determined Capricorn, this crystal will surely work wonders. 

Aquarius: Fun-loving and free-spirited zodiacs, Aquarians are the ones who get most misunderstood. An Aquamarine crystal will keep them grounded and help them avoid misunderstandings in most situations. 

Pisces: The lazy and the sensitive ones, Pisces need to be protected from negative vibes to keep their innocent side alive and hence an Amethyst crystal will work wonders for them. Bring necessary wisdom into the lives of your Pisces friend by giving this useful crystal. 

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