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Loving your pet is such a beautiful feeling. And, if it’s a dog, a brownie point adds to you for having a loyal friend at your home. Like any other family members, many of us desire to have the memories of our pet dog in the form of Painting.

Therefore, talking about the world of colors, Oil Painting is something that can be an extraordinary gift or like an artistic work for a place. Made out of desirable colors and framed with intricacy, these paintings are worth to admire and an eye-catcher for the pet lovers. But what kind of Painting to prefer? A custom painted oil painting or a digital oil painting! What can be the best choice to bring out the charming artwork for your best friend.

Well, the answer is right here! Here are some of the points that can help you to have the best oil painting for your Dog.

Identify your preference

Now, this is a tedious task and of course, confusing too cos oil paintings come into the section of customization and digital as well. Some might like to have the custom hand-made painting while some would prefer a digital picture. Both are likely to stand out concerning their features.

In customized oil painting, it has a feel of dry oil pigments and specific differences may also appear in the sheen of paints. Whereas, in digital oil painting, the tools and techniques go digitally through computer graphics, a graphics tablet, application, or any software for ascertaining a perfect oil painting.

The same canvas medium is used to create the painting. Usually, custom oil painting takes a lot of days, depending on the amount of yellowing or drying time. So, it is entirely your way out to pick any one of them while looking to the aspect of time, money, and detailing.

Inspiration like or a conventional one

Your pet dog can be quirky enough, playful and active, or just like a couch potato dreaming of food all day. So, creating their illustration through an inspiration also highlights their uniqueness in the painting by choosing the right style. And, within the custom or digital oil paintings, you can enhance the bunch of ideas. For example, your dog oil painting can be real & classic, filled with other pop colors instead of natural shades, or you can let the artist depict your furball like a human character with tons of hues.

This depends entirely on what you choose to make whether you like your dog to represent as a motivational personality or like your adorable saccharine pup.

Custom oil pet paintings Vs Digital oil portraits

So far, if we take a glance at the custom oil paintings, they are time-consuming and not many artists can assure the flawless detailing in their art. Whereas, in digital oil portraits of your pet, all you need is to mail the photo to the artist or the illustrator, to convert it into the full-fledged digital oil portrait through Photoshop or any other software to bestow the oil painting that you wish.

The artistry is required in both mediums and paintings are to be created or printed over the canvas. But, digital oil painting delivers the effects of shading, just like an original picture. And, custom oil painting, is uncertain artwork with natural results.

Find your artist and hire the leading.

If you have a pretty clear idea of what you want, and you are ready to get the oil painting for your pet, then hire the leading artist. You can search through the market referrals, find freelance illustrators or visit the online sites, that can compose dog oil portraits in lesser time. It is surprising to know that in the changing span, pet painting has been quite famous amongst the pet person. Multiple artists work out in an online network as well on a freelance basis, to initiate the technique.

And, whenever you hire the artists, don’t forget to check out their work and testimonials before letting them create a unique work of art for a lifetime and beyond.


Having the digital dog oil painting on the walls of a home is a remarkable factor for all the dog owners. The colours, finish, and refinement within the artwork is defined enough for every place that owns a pet for entertainment or just for safety. Moreover, keeping the memory of your pet dog while embracing their weirdness and funny gesture in the form of portraits is an ideal thing to do right! So, entail it with a commendable touch and share it with all the pet persons you know.


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