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Hey!! Are you planning to start your own DMCA ignored video streaming website on which you can post any content you wish without any restriction or arbitrary troubles? If yes, then you are at best possible because we were also in the search similar to you. 

And after analysing hundreds of companies, we landed on a DMCA ignored video hosting service provider’s website, QloudHost and found really attractive features at very attractive rates!! 

But before moving, we would like to explain to you that QloudHost claims to be an offshore video hosting provider but actually, there is no technical difference between offshore hosting and DMCA ignored hosting service provider, so make sure you don’t get confused between both!!

Now let’s go ahead!! 

About QloudHost DMCA Ignored Video Hosting 

QloudHost has been established with the aim of providing a hosting service that respects people’s freedom of speech and privacy. That’s why they have equipped their servers with best-in-class security features such as firewalls, Anti-DDoS and much more!! 

But apart from that, QloudHost ensures that your identity is anonymous on the internet as much as possible. Still, you may argue for the proof!! Well, that’s why we have mentioned the test results we have conducted while using its services in the next section. 

Test and Analysis 

As we told to you above!! Here in this section, we will discuss the test results we found while analysing its services. Hence we will recommend you read this section carefully so that you can understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. 

User Interface & Ease of Use

After landing on its website the first that instantly grabbed our attention was its website user interface which is really appreciable because they have created a well-labelled and elegant-looking interface. 

In addition to that, QloudHost allows you to use any of the control panels available in the market so that you can manage and maintain your website easily!! We will recommend you to choose DirectAdmin because they are much more user-friendly than any other control panel. 

QloudHost Uptime Test

But the user interface doesn’t affect the performance very much, yeah, uptime does!! That’s why we also conducted an uptime test, which we will tell you about here in this section. But before that let’s first understand how uptime our website. 

Basically, uptime tells you about the availability of your website. For example, if you have chosen the annual plan, then 100% means your website will not any downtime for the whole!! Well practically, it doesn’t happen because the uptime of any server varies based on various factors. 

Now coming to our test results!! We found quite satisfying results, as you can see in the image attached below that we found 100% uptime with an average response time of 859ms. 

Note: As we told you above, uptime varies based on various factors that’s why when we conducted some more uptime tests then we found an average result which was 99% which is really a good number. 

QloudHost Customer Support 

But what if you are still stuck in between your online journey? No worries!! Because QloudHost has built a dedicated team of technical experts which works 24*7 to support you at every stage of your journey. 

You can contact them anytime via the below-mentioned modes. 

  • Chat 
  • Email 
  • Ticket 

Security Analysis  

So by now, you must have been pretty convinced that you will experience a smooth journey!! But what if there is any kind of cyber interruption? Well for that, QloudHost has equipped its servers with high-quality security features to protect your data in every situation.

Some of them are as follows: 

Full DDoS protection: DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Services attack, intended to crash down your website by drying up all your resources, such as bandwidth. If you remember, we told you above that uptime depends upon various factors; this is also one of them. But not with QloudHost!! Because their servers are secured with Anti-DDoS. 

Daily backup:  Not technically, but backup is also a part of security!! That’s why QloudHost provides you with a daily back feature with all of their plans so that you can restore your data in case any misfortune happens. 

Encrypted network communication: One of the best aspects of QloudHost is that with their DMCA ignored video hosting plans, you will get an SSL certificate to ensure that there is no authorised access!! 

Full identity protection: To ensure that your identity is untraceable on the internet QloudHost minimises your identity-related data!! 

QloudHost Features

Here in this section we will discuss some of the key features that separate it from the market!! 

Data Privacy: As we have told you above that QloudHost minimises all your identity-related data to ensure that you get untraceable footprints on the internet!! That’s amazing, Right? But in addition, they have built their server on an offshore location which allows you a completely anonymous online presence. 

Firewall-equipped servers: This is a quite common yet one of the most important features that protects your website against any kind of cyber-attack such as DDoS, SQl injections etc. 

Regular security patching: Well this feature was not mentioned on their website but we get to know about it through their support team. Security patching simply means that onsite technical experts constantly monitor your resources to minimise vulnerabilities. 

Flexibility of Content: QloudHost allows you to host any kind of video streaming on the DMCA ignored video hosting servers!! That means there is no restriction on the content.

Full Root Access: To let you enjoy your entire resources QloudHost provides you full root access that allows you to modify your resources, change security settings, upgrade and update resources without any restriction. 

QloudHost Price and Plans

Amazing features aren’t they? Well, at what cost? Below we attached a image of its price and plans here in this section to help you understand the complete picture of its service’s worth.

QloudHost Refund Policy

Still if you are satisfied with their service’s quality then you can cancel their services anytime, all thanks to their money back guarantee that allows you to get full refund within 30 days of your purchase of any plan. 

No matter whether it is DMCA ignored video hosting plan, offshore hosting plan or any other plan!!

QloudHost Pros and Cons 

No doubt its service’s quality is amazing!! Still, it has some pros and cons which we have mentioned below here in this section.  


  • Top notch security 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • High uptime guarantee 
  • Full content flexibility 


  • No live support 

H2: How to order Qloudhost DMCA Ignored Video Hosting?

What We Look For in the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Services?

Want to know the basis of our article? Well, here in this section we have mentioned few most important based upon we have analysed QloudHost’s service quality. So without any further delay let’s get started!! 

  • Uptime to ensure the maximum availability of our website on the internet. 
  • High-quality server equipment to ensure high performance 
  • Security features to ensure our identity protection 
  • Full root access to ensure we can use our complete resources. 
  • Customer support to ensure a smooth online journey.
  • Daily backup to ensure our website is safe in every situation


What is Offshore Video Hosting?

Offshore video hosting service uses offshore server built in DMCA-ignroed countries such as Netherlands, HongKong etc. to host your video streaming website live on the internet with full anonymity!! 

What Is DMCA Ignored Video Hosting

As we have already told you above!! There is no technical difference between DMCA ignored video hosting and offshore video hosting. Only difference lies in the name!! In simple words those countries which don’t follow DMCA laws are called offshore location. 

What is the Starting price of QloudHost DMCA Ignored Video Hosting?

Unlike the other DMCA ignored web hosting providers, QloudHost provides its services at really affordable rate!! Which is just $18/mo for VPS servers. 

Why choose Qloudhost DMCA Ignored Video Hosting?

We will recommend you QloudHost because of its high-quality security features which make you literally untraceable on the internet. Hence you can post all DMCA ignored contents on your website!!

What payment methods use Qloudhost?

QloudHost provides your services with many options to choose one of the best as your payments, including net banking, credit/debit card, UPI and much more. 


See!! It is very hard to protect your privacy on the internet you just need to pick the right hosting service provider that can assure you with 100% privacy protection!! But you don’t need to worry about it because our recommended service provider does assure their customer. 

Hence if you are starting your own video streaming website then we will suggest you to go with QloudHost’s DMCA ignored video hosting plans that come with complete content flexibility, allowing you to post all the DMCA ignored content on your website!! 

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