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Boost Computer Performance with driver updater by Driver Tonic tool

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Don’t have your driver disc anymore? Unable to find drivers on the manufacturer’s website? Windows Update cannot configure your hardware? It’s time you get your driver tonic activation code to find and install all missing drivers.

What is Driver Tonic?

Driver Tonic is a powerful driver updater that lets you download the latest version of device drivers automatically, so you do not have to search respective official websites for those download links.

The software will scan for required updates, outdated, broken and missing drivers, and download and install them on your system. For a free version, this driver update utility is impressive as it picks up important updates.

Unlike the paid version, where you get a driver tonic activation code to fix all your driver requirements, the free version only displays that drivers that require an update.

Driver Tonic is the best driver updater tool for Windows as compared to similar products that perform automated installations. What more? Even the free version of this driver updating software is impressive.

Why should you download Driver Tonic?

It’s simple. Driver Tonic does mass installation. This driver updater tool scans detects and installs available drivers at once and saves a lot of time. Few of the most common updates include the following:

Updates Mouse drivers – It can get terribly frustrating if the mouse does not work properly. You can fix this issue by simply updating your mouse drivers. But before you try any solutions, make sure the mouse is working fine by using it on another computer.

Updates SCSI drivers – SCSI is mostly used for hard drives and tape drives. It can also connect to other devices like scanners and CD drives.

Updates Modem drivers – Modem drivers lets your PC to access and use the installed modem. If modem drivers are improperly configured, you will not be able to connect to the web.

Updates Webcam drivers – A webcam driver helps you establish the connection between your Windows PC and webcam (inbuilt or external camera). It helps you keep your webcam running properly. Whenever you update your operating system, it is important that you update your webcam drivers too.

Updates Graphic cards – Graphics cards are used to render images to the monitor. Technically, what they do is convert data into a signal that is easily understandable by the monitor. Which is why, the better your graphics cards are, the smoother the image you will see. Something gamers and video editors cannot do without if you have a good budget, why not having the best (but not cheap) graphics card in the market? Check it out here

Updates Printer drivers – The printer driver converts what needs to be printed to something the printer can understand. In simpler words, this piece of software allows the computer to do the printing.

Updates Keyboard drivers – If your keyboard does not type, chances are it needs a quick driver update.  Driver Tonic has the power to detect such cases and will update your drivers too.

Updates Motherboard drivers – Motherboard has the capacity to control the overall performance of our Windows PC. You can either choose to update your motherboard drivers manually or use the best driver updater tool for Windows for automatic driver updates.

Updates USB drivers – USB driver is crucial to your system setup. It helps in setting up the uninterrupted connection between a hardware device and the operating system. Some of the USB devices include keyboards, monitors, speakers, MP3 players, printers, mic, smartphones, cameras, flash drive and external hard drives.

Updates Drivers for Bluetooth – If you are having any issues with your current Bluetooth, it means your Bluetooth drivers are outdated and requires a quick update.

Updates Monitor drivers for all Users – Modern monitors and computer operating systems largely depend on compatible, default monitor drivers that come included with your operating system. Then again, if in case your face issues while installing a monitor, we recommend you to use generic display drivers. They will do the trick for you too.

A few other drivers include drivers for Firmware, Digital Camera, Camcorder, Media Players, Card Readers, Joystick, Network Card, DVD / Blu-Ray, SSD / NAS, HDD / USB Flash, BIOS, Sound Card, cell phones, external hard drive drivers and RAID controllers, sound card drivers and all audio drivers, WLAN drivers and Wi-Fi drivers, TV cards, network card drivers and drivers for network controllers.

What does Driver Tonic do?

Driver Tonic is an easy-to-use free driver updater that scans your PC closely only to end up detecting outdated, missing or broken drivers. It then analyses and produces a report by offering to update all outdated drivers to the latest version automatically.

Why should you use Driver Tonic?

Use Driver Tonic to update drivers for Windows. Few of its benefits include:

  1. It has the power to update outdated system drivers and boost Windows performance automatically.
  2. The software also cleans invalid registries, so your system does not have any registry errors. This also helps better system response time.


  1. It blocks any or all suspicious websites on your web browser to better your overall browsing experience.


  1. It allows you to remove unwanted apps that appear on the startup menu and boost startup time.


  1. Enjoy one-click update with Driver Tonic driver updater. Rest assured, there will be no time wasted with manual interruption.


  1. You don’t need to look up on the internet for new drivers. Driver Tonic will take care of it and help your system deliver a smooth performance.


Driver Tonic is compatible with all versions of Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista) and works on all PC brands, like Acer, Asus, HP, ThinkPad, Dell, IBM, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc.

Our Verdict

Driver Tonic is the answer to your wrong, corrupt and outdated drivers. Upgrade to the latest updates of your PC drivers. You can also get the premium version for yourself to enjoy many additional features.

The driver updater does all the hard work to help you find all the available drivers your computer system. Get your Driver Tonic activation code for better performance and system speed. Trust us! You won’t regret it.


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