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Adidas Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is the descendant of Adidas Ultra Boost 19, one of the most popular running shoe designs. Both Adidas Ultra Boost models perform almost similar with slight differences between them. It is a favorite shoe among runners, which can be readily found in most runners’ lineup. The best part is that it was designed with the sole purpose of boosting performance when running.

The Adidas Ultra boost shoe models are widely recognized because of their deluxe and responsive bolster tech. The Ultra Boost 19 solidified these features seen in the Ultra Boost 20 in an enhanced version. Besides, the Ultra Boost 20 goes an extra mile and introduces more tech, for instance, a redesigned heel. There’s also a collection of colorways to fit runners’ desires.

Why Ultra Boost 20 Is So Special

The partnership between Adidas and ISS led to the creation of remarkable running shoes. The Ultra Boost line, in this case, the 20, has thus become one of the best running shoes among runners. The primary reason is that it adopted and upgraded the features of the Ultra Boost 19, the best-selling running shoes today. Here are the best features making the Ultra Boost 20 stand out.

Energy Return in The Midsole

The Ultra Boost 20 incorporates an effective, responsive nature that gives runners a boost in the sprint. For runners who often feel dog-tired feet after a long run, they will find these shoes quite comfortable. The efficiency and easiness continue when the runner speeds. Here, the Ultra Boost 20 tends to provide an energy return depending on the runner’s impact force. In turn, it provides a reaction force boosting sprints in the process.

Supportive Primeknit and Upper

The Primeknit upper provides a supportive experience on the feet of the user. This is facilitated by the Tailored Fiber Placement tech, essential for additional flexible support. It is airy and delivers above-standard ventilation. Meaning the Primeknit, upper, and the entire never gets heated when running. Runners can feel as if their feet are locked in the shoe, though not constricting it. Besides, these sections aren’t stretchy hence offer an excellent running experience.

Additional Heel Cushioning

The shoe comes with extra cushioning focused on the heel, which is enjoyable. Adidas focused on including more padding and cushioning in the heel. It is an excellent approach as it gives runners better motion when taking turns. More so, it also consists of a 3D Heel Frame that protects the foot on impact. An extra cushioning in the heel plays a vital role in maintaining stability and providing adequate support when running.

Continental Tires Traction Capabilities

The Ultra Boost 20 has a rubber, stretch-web outsole, which makes it unique, unlike most running shoes. It comprises the same outsole as the Ultra Boost 19, giving the Ultra Boost 20 maximum traction. The Continental rubber shields the entire outsole hence being durable and slip-free on wet surfaces. In other words, the Ultra Boost 20 can last for up to 300+ miles of running.

Fits from The Heel to The Toe

The Ultra Boost 20 comes with a well-covered and great lockdown and a comfy foam on the heel. This provides an ankle sink experience that keeps the feet trapped in the shoe but without any constraint. The feet often slide smoothly into the Ultra Boost 20 while having plenty of room for the toes. The shoe also includes laces where users can lace nicely to their preferred tightness. The Ultra Boost 20 gives almost the same fit as the Ultra Boost 19. Wearers can easily prepare for a run and enjoy a unique sprinting experience once they put on these Adidas running shoes.

Excellent Support Than the Ultra Boost 19

The Ultra Boost 20 incorporates support from that of Ultra Boost 19. Primarily, it includes three slight changes to make them more supportive. First, the shoe has a heel that integrates a tighter and more neoprene-like fabric, which means that the shoe fits perfectly and locks perfectly at the heels.

Again, the lace better than the Ultra Boost 19 fused TPU mesh. It involves a synthetic version that is thicker but with flexible edges. Besides, the lace closure is extensive and bonded to the TPU heel clip. The latest version seeks to improve lockdown, especially with its auxiliary medial and crosswise support.

Lastly, the Ultra Boost 20 has extra support that includes a thin foam backing that gives the entire forefoot comfort when running. In comparison to the Ultra Boost 20, the Ultra Boost 19 also featured a foam backing but didn’t cover the whole forefoot. The Ultra boost 20 also comes with additional stitching covering the entire forefoot. This enhances specific areas that require more support when running.

The Overall Score

Runners who enjoy running on Ultra Boost 19 or any Adidas boost can find the Ultra Boost 20 suitable for the sprint. Those who thought the Boost 19 lacked certain features can now turn to the Ultra Boost 20 and enjoy their run. Overall, the 20 model features minor upgrades, with most features similar to that of the 19 version. In other words, it had maintained the true formula of the Ultra Boost that created the Ultra Boost 19.

The Ultra Boost 20 Vs. the Ultra Boost 19

Both the Ultra Boost 20 and the Ultra Boost 19 come with almost similar features. However, the 20 model seems to have more improved features, making it suitable among runners. Here is what makes the Ultra Boost 20 better than the Boost 19;

  • It has an enhanced and better-fitting upper facilitated by the PrimeKnit+ upper features. 
  • The running shoe comes with an improved boost to support a more responsive runner besides the above-standard comfort.
  • The shoe comes with an improved heel lockdown that also enhances heel fit, providing a more secure running experience.

These three prime features make the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 stand out from the Ultra Boost 19. Still, there exist various resemblances adopted from its predecessor. Runners can hence find it more efficient and suitable for running. Most importantly, it is worth every penny.

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