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Best and Worst Salads for Your Health

Food, while often being delicious, really is the fuel that powers the human body. Without it, loss of energy and focus are sure to make themselves apparent. The feeling of hunger indicates that the tank is running low and it is time to fill up. Just like with cars, the fuel used to power the human body is available in a variety of qualities. High quality gas provides better efficiency as well as performance and the same can be said about food in relation to humans. Simply put, good food results in higher energy levels and clarity. Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson summed this up, “Just like keeping a healthy diet is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods is just as important for getting the most out of your workout.”

With numerous food options available at the touch of a button, it can be hard to pick and choose the items that will boost your energy. In an effort to aid the search, we connected with a few people in the know to gain some insight. 

Brown rice

Bryan Alston is the chief marketing officer of Greater Than while Mark Sider is the co-founder. Their brand offers a hydrating beverage intended for pregnant women. Sider believes that the nutritional value of the traditional grain is an excellent item for increasing vigor. 

“Rice in general is a very filling food which makes it great for sustained energy as you’re working but brown rice does a bit more than its white counterpart. For one, brown rice is not processed nearly as much as the white rice so it retains much more of the fiber and other positive elements. It’s not sugary and also helps to digest a multitude of food items more effectively. The best part might honestly be that it’s a great comfort food so you don’t feel like eating it is a chore.”


Good Feels specializes in cannabis infused seltzer beverages. Their founder and CEO, Jason Reposa, suggests prioritizing water intake as it is one of the most impactful ways of boosting energy. 

“Food technology has brought us to a point where it seems like any drink you can dream of actually exists. Take a look at our seltzers for example! While delicious and beneficial drinks are wonderful, we wouldn’t be anywhere without water. You’ve probably heard something about the old adage of eight glasses of water per day. Realistically, do you know anyone who follows this regularly? Likely not, and this is probably due to water’s lack of appeal. But, water is essential to our bodies as it regulates energy and digestion. If you’re finding yourself dragging through your day, be sure that you’re drinking enough water.”


It might seem like something reserved for old people or a meal of the past, but oatmeal is one of those foods similar to high quality fuel. Able is a business providing a personalized approach to health and well-being through an app. Their CEO, Roman Taranov, thinks of oats along the same lines.

“I think so many people fail to realize the importance of fiber in their everyday diet. It’s not there as just an item to fill your stomach. Naturally, the time needed to fully digest fiber is much longer than most foods. When this happens, the body and mind can be active far longer as it is constantly receiving energy. It’s like hooking the hose up to a fire hydrant instead of relying on the reserve tanks of the firetruck. If you’re looking for fiber, oatmeal is a great way to jumpstart your day.”


Orgain is a business providing organic food and nutrition products. Their senior director of performance marketing and e-commerce, Jeff Goodwin, advises others to look to eggs if they are seeking a vigorous attitude. 

“On top of being great for you, eggs have this incredible flexibility that is not matched by many other foods. From scrambled, to hard-boiled, to poach, or over-easy, there’s more ways to prepare an egg than you likely have eggs in your fridge. But back to the health stuff. Everyone needs healthy fats and protein in their diet. Consuming eggs introduces these things to your system which should keep you from falling apart in the afternoon. This is due to the effect those things have on your blood sugar levels. ”


Stephanie Venn-Watson is the CEO of Seraphina Therapeutics, a brand offering anti-aging products aimed at cell health. She believes fish are a wonderful solution when looking for a way to avoid fatigue. 

“When it comes to high-energy foods, protein is the answer to feeling full while avoiding fatigue. Fish is a good source of protein, and some fish, like salmon, have the added benefit of being a great source of B-vitamins, which helps turn your food into energy.”


While sugar may initially leave the consumer feeling more alive than ever, the come down won’t be nearly as nice. Avoiding sugars while steering towards proteins is the way to go and lentils answers this call. MitoQ is a business providing health supplements geared towards energy, immunity, and focus. Their head of customer acquisition, Shaun Price, suggests these edible legumes.

“I know so many people who reach the low point of their day and immediately turn to energy drinks or coffee. This may be an effective short term solution but in the long run it’s very detrimental. When just looking at the day, a crash is inevitable as the sugar and caffeine isn’t long lasting. However, if you eat right, this shouldn’t be an issue. One of my staples is lentils as there’s no artificial sugar and the protein content is over four times that of the sugar.”


Brandon Adcock is the co-founder and CEO of Nugenix, a brand offering testosterone boosting products. He suggests going with nature’s version of the on-the-go snack.

“Have you ever wondered why some athletes eat so many bananas? Whether you have or not, there’s a good reason for this. They not only aids physical functionality but also is the boost that professional athletes rely on. This is because potassium is one of the key nutrition ingredients contained within a banana. There’s also a fair amount of fiber that contributes to the benefits of the fruit. While you may not be running distances or competing at the Olympics, bananas are a sure fire way to keep yourself upright and functioning at your desk.”


JOI specializes in almond milk concentrate with an extended shelf life. Their CEO, Hector Gutierrez, believes this dark leafy green does a brilliant job of lifting up stamina levels. 

“There’s an element of truth to the old cartoon of Popeye downing some spinach and becoming near superhuman. While eating spinach won’t allow you to fight off Rocky, it will boost your energy. I’m fully aware that a candy bar and sugar rush sound so much more enticing than spinach. As kids, spinach had this negative connotation no matter the circumstances. We never wanted to touch this seemingly strange and unappetizing item. But improved blood flow and muscle health should offer enough to keep you coming back as an adult.”

As seen above, there are many effective ways to boost your energy via eating. While the caffeine culture popular within the American work world may seem appealing, the long term repercussions are worth avoiding. Foods that not only energize the body but benefit it are the solution to this dilemma. Author Karen Salmansohn put it best, “Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: ‘Thank you!’.”

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