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Best Indoor Basketball Game Ball Buying Guide & Review

Are you a lover of the game of basketball and are looking to buy an indoor basketball? You are on the right page. There are lots of things you should know before going on to pay for a basketball. These factors can help you avoid making the wrong choice regardless of how inexperienced you are with shopping for a basketball.

Below are factors that will help you get the right ball anytime you are looking to shop for one.


There are lots of things you must consider when buying an indoor basketball game ball. Of these many factors, the material the basketball is made from must be considered first. While lots of people assume there are various types of materials used in making indoor basketball game ball, there are two major materials. These materials are synthetic composite and genuine leather. Genuine leather is the preferred alternative and it is more expensive. Due to the price tag associated with buying basketball game ball made from genuine leather, lots of people prefer buying balls made from synthetic composite as they are a lot more affordable.

Beyond being affordable, basketballs made from synthetic composites are very smooth and stay smooth throughout their lifespan. Furthermore, they are quite long-lasting.

Some indoor basketball game balls are made of rubber. They are usually very affordable. It, however, is in your best interest to avoid buying them.

Consider Size

Basketballs come in different sizes. Their sizes are usually dependent on gender, the level at which a game is being played, and age. Officially, balls used in college leagues, male high school, and in the NBA are 29.5 inches. In FIBA, men play with balls of 30.7 inches while the women play with 29 inch balls. Furthermore, balls of 28.5 inches are used in WNBA.

Size 4 balls are the smallest available balls. They are 25.5 inches and were designed for games involving children. They are ideal for children between the ages of five and eight. Children between nine and eleven will do very well with size 5 which is 27.5 inches. As children get to 12 and approach 14, they should play with size 6 which is 28.5 inches. For people 15 years and older, regardless of gender and level of expertise, the ideal basketball is size 7 and it measures 29.5 inches.

Consider Inflation

Not many people know about the importance of inflation so long buying a basketball is concerned. This factor is considered some form of a secret. The inflation of a ball is dependent on its size. All things being equal, a size 7 ball is expected to have a PSI of 7 to 9 after getting inflated. While this is the general standard, the standard at NBA is 7.5 to 8.5 PSI. If a basketball has to be inflated to a PSI of more than 9, you most likely will not get value for your money when you buy it. You should, therefore, avoid it.

The right inflation for balls at FIBA is one that ensures the ball bounces to a height between 1,400mmm and 1,200 mmm when it is dropped from a height of 1,800mm.


It is not out of place to sweat when playing basketball. This is one reason you must consider the grip of a basketball before buying one. If an indoor basketball game ball gets too slippery when you begin sweating, then, it is not the right basketball. Balls with these attributes are very cheap. You, therefore, might be tempted to buy them. They, however, will end up not giving you value for your money.

When shopping for an indoor basketballs game ball, buy balls that offer a good degree of grip even when they are wet. Usually, these balls are made of leather. While balls made from leather are always trustworthy, you can get a good grip when you play balls made from synthetic composite.


While the size of a ball is an important factor to consider when looking to buy one, you cannot sweep weight under the carpet. There is a lot of importance attached to the weight of a basketball. Going by this, if you must enjoy a game, you have to play with a ball of the right weight. The weight of a basketball is closely related to its size.

A size 4 ball has to weigh 14 ounces, one that is size 5 must be 17 ounces in weight. A size 6 ball has to have a weight of 20 ounces while a size 7 ball should weigh 22 ounces. While no weight can be said to be better than another. The right weight for a ball has to correspond to its size and must be used for the right age grade.


There are various basketball models. Some are very famous while some others are not too famous. This might cause a bit of confusion when shopping for a basketball. To avoid getting confused when you shop for a basketball, ensure you look out for certifications. Balls with the right certifications have been tested by FIBA, NBA etc. And have been approved.

If a basketball does not come with any certification, you might not be able to get the best from using it. While it is great to get basketball with certification, always note that balls with certification are more expensive than those that lack certifications. Nonetheless, you will always get value for your money.


Not everyone is comfortable paying for expensive balls. However, if you fall into the category of people that do not mind paying a premium price for a ball, you have to always be on the lookout for warranties. So long you will be spending some good amount on a basketball, you should aim for one that comes with a warranty of up to 1 year.


Color might not seem like much. Nonetheless, it is a factor you should consider when shopping for a basketball. There are really no rules to the color you should select. The right color for a basketball is simply dependent on the preference of the buyer. While preference is important, there are standard colors. This means if you are getting a basketball for a standard game, you will do well to get one that comes win a standard color.

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