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kettle for boiling water

A kettle is super handy for boiling water quickly and without looking back. It comes in very handy if you want to make a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Or if you want to quickly bring your pasta to the boil in the evening. Boiling water with an electric kettle is very easy. With standard models, you simply press a button so that the kettle uses power. The power from the socket is used to generate heat and your water boils to 100 ° C. Some kettles also let you do water temperature monitoring.

The power of the kettle is also an important feature. The power (in Watt) determines how quickly the water is boiled. If you want to boil water quickly, choose a high-powered model. How fast you boil water also depends on the amount of water you want to boil.

  • MIROCO Kettle
  • MIROCO Double Wall Kettle
  • COSORI Kettle

Is boiling water in an electric kettle safe to drink?

Yes, but never boil the water again and again. It’s harmful. Plastic electric kettle very dangerous for health. And you should look after the temperature of the water? Are you looking for the best and safe kettle? We understand that very well! And in that case, we are happy to help you with your choice. Because there are so many kettles for sale nowadays that you may not know which is the best. And which choice you make is also very personal, because it depends on all kinds of factors. For example, do you want to be able to set the temperature of the water? Or do you just want a simple and cheap kettle? And what is a good kettle?

What is the healthiest electric kettle?

It is important to monitor your drinking habits to maintain your health. Here are safe Electric Kettles that are Without Plastic:

  •  Secura Stainless Steel Safe Electric Kettle
  • Ceramic Kettle
  • OUUO Electric Kettle
  • Stainless steel Electric kettle

We have tried in this article to take into account as many wishes and desires of consumers as possible. In particular, we have paid attention to the price, quality, and reviews of the products. This resulted in a nice selection of the best kettles that are currently for sale. Because we wish everyone a good kettle!

Choosing a good kettle: what do you pay attention to?

  • The capacity. That is, how much water can get into the kettle. You have small and large kettles, depending on how much water you normally want to be able to boil. If you live in a large family, you will probably need a different (larger) size than a single person household – unless you are a huge tea lover, like us.
  • Do you want a kettle with an adjustable temperature? These are very useful if you often use a kettle for tea. Different water temperature is required for each type of tea. If you pour boiling water over tea leaves, the tea can taste different and less delicious (more bitter). The adjustable temperature is also very useful if you need warm (but not boiling) water for something. Like baby food. Or if you want to be able to drink the warm water immediately.
  • Temperature indication can also be very useful. The temperature is then displayed on, for example, a screen. This way you can boil the water at exactly the right temperature. You can also often see how far the device is with heating up the water.
  • Another tip for real tea lovers: a tea filter in the kettle. This can be very useful because the kettle is also a teapot where you let the tea steep.
  • Some good kettles have a keep-warm function. Never boil the water again and again. It’s very harmful to your health.
  • A lime filter is not an unnecessary luxury. Especially if the heating element of the kettle has no casing. The heating element is then as it were “loose” in the inside. This ensures that limescale builds up much faster. If the kettle has a lime filter, you prevent yourself from pouring lime for yourself. Very tasty!
  • Do you want a kettle that can be operated via your smartphone? That is now also possible! These are so-called smart kettles. You can, for example, switch on the kettle on the way from work. Or you can use the app if you don’t feel like walking back and forth to the kitchen.
  • A quiet kettle can also be very pleasant – you simply hear less noise coming from the appliance. Some kettles can make quite a bit of noise, so if you prefer not to, look for a silent kettle.
  • Do you want a fast kettle? Some kettles can take quite a long time to cook. Many newer kettles are faster, but always check the specifications of a particular product. Usually, it depends on the amount of power, how fast the kettle is. Some kettles, by the way, have a separate ” quick boil function ” which can be very useful in this regard.
  • What material does a good kettle have? You can choose stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and sometimes even glass housing. A glass kettle can look pretty nice because you can see the water in it – and see the whole cooking process. Sometimes there is even a light in the kettle, which gives it an even nicer effect.
  • Does the outside of the device stay cool enough? Some housings become very hot when you have boiled water in them. You really have to be careful not to burn your hands. A good kettle with, for example, a double housing is safer in that respect – the housing then remains cool. So if you find this important, choose a double-walled kettle.
  • Choose a safe kettle. Then there are several safety functions, such as boil-dry protection. This ensures that the appliance does not continue to boil if there is no water in it. This prevents short circuits, and is therefore very handy!
  • The design: sleek or retro? So many people, so many wishes. To make the kettle suitable for your own kitchen, you can choose between different styles. A simple, sleek or retro kettle. There is something for everyone.

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