Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Our lives have always been busier; it was the first radio that relaxed us followed by television. Television has a long reign yet running but somehow lost its place for the global exploration of the Internet. Now, you do not need to depend on the cable network, rather get better content anytime by registering and having accounts in the best live TV streaming sites. All you need is to have a high-speed internet connection and a smart TV. Here are the best live TV streaming sites in this second decade of the 21st century. 

1) StreamingSites.comIt is a famous online streaming site for its classic web content. But, it also streams the live streaming contents of TV as well. Getting a subscription to Streamingsites will serve you all major news, sports, entertainment programs along with a cloud. It has a huge content of movies and TV shows in its drive. Now, the subscription is a little problematic- it is based on ad contents. If you want an uninterrupted service then you can switch to prime membership where you can download contents free and get access to some classic originals. 

2) YOU-TUBE TV- You-tube according to its versatility and service bandwidth, is comparatively very less expensive. In exchange for $50 as the subscription charge, you can surf programs to channels. Not just that, you can even save them for watching later as well. Including all major sports, news, soaps, and even recent movies, this subscription will never let you regret that you wasted the money. Also, this subscription is compatible with any smart device. There is only one problem that it legalizes is the guidance control options. Otherwise, its intuitive and smooth interface makes it soothing to watch in any device. 

3) PHILO TV- This subscribed live streaming site has a limited number of channels to access, but most of them are unique and unavailable in other streaming sites. Also, it is a mobile app; hence you can subscribe to it anywhere, anytime. If you are a person who is not fond of Sports and News, then this is the perfect site for you. Also, it does not restrict the contents according to parental control policies. Hence why paying for the channels you do not watch! Get a Philo TV on phone and enjoy uninterrupted services.

4) FUBO TV- If you are particularly a sports maniac, then nothing can beat FUBO to you. It is the best games streaming channel that have all sorts of sports in even 4K quality. On request and popular demand, it also streams news channels as well. The DVR service can be used to save anything you liked to see and want to watch later. This is a phone as well as a web app. But, there is one major problem with this. ESPN and FOX sports do not fall under its standard bandwidth; even if the prime membership surfs, it is of just 720p quality and becomes expensive. 

5) PLUTO TV- If you are new to live streams, before indulging into a paid subscription, settle your hand in a free one- this. Even after being a non-account free streaming site, it contains huge content. Premium channels are not there, but the variety of content will keep you entertained for any time. Again it is just the demo way you can use to get used to streaming. It is free but is not up to satisfactory once you get the taste of streaming. Otherwise, it has a lot of ads and a non-satisfactory channel guide.

Besides, there are AT&T TV Now, Sling TV and XUMO sites and other free sites, which surf the same purpose. But above are the best TV streaming ones in 2020. 

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