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Mechanical tools

Anyone who works with metal or machinery will tell you that there are a lot of simple tools and devices available to save time, effort and raise your productivity. There is nothing worse than being under pressure to complete a job as quickly as possible without breaking anything or getting hurt. Having the right tool for the job makes everything easier and safer, increasing the quality of life both on and off the job site. The following is a list of tools that will make your time with metal easier, more productive, and save you some pain. One tool that is not mentioned in this article is the mechanical press fixture kit. These mechanical presses have the versatility to change out fixture plates which enables customers to test multiple products on the same fixture kit. It’s a recommended mechanical tool.

1)  Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is used for sharpening, grinding, and buffing tools. Being able to sharpen or grind down something with precision can make or break a job. For example; If you are trying to cut threads onto a stud but the thread is slightly too big, you can grind it down to the perfect size with a bench grinder. I have used a bench grinder to take off the top layer of my finger before, so be careful and use protective gear! A bench grinder is a good investment for anyone working with metal on a daily basis.

2)  Automatic screw feeder

An automatic screw feeder is a great tool for individuals who work on product assembly. It helps to speed up the process by feeding screws into a machine or other material being assembled. You can also buy specific heads that will allow you to tighten screws as well, reducing your time spent doing repetitive tasks and giving you more time to do other things. If you have a project that requires a lot of screws to be assembled, an automatic screw feeder is a serious time saver.

3)  Bench Vise

A bench vise is another one of those tools that can do so much more than what it sounds like on paper. A good bench vise will last you through your career and save you countless hours of frustration. They are used to hold materials in place while cutting, shaping or drilling work is done on them. It also doubles as a portable workbench which is nice if you don’t have room for one at your job site. I can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy when working out in the field.

4)  Step Drill Bit

A step drill bit is a cylindrical bit with steps on the outside and can be used for drilling holes in materials up to two times the diameter of the step shaft. This tool only works if you have an impact wrench, which most mechanics already do. The benefit of using this is that it will reduce your number of trips to the drill press and reduce the time you spend doing repetitive tasks.

5)  Heavy Duty Hole Saw

There are a couple of different styles of hole saws, but they all have one thing in common. They cut through metal faster than any other tool I have ever used. You can use them to drill holes in metal, steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic. They’re great if you are cutting through large pieces of sheet metal because it reduces the number of times that you need to change out your bit.

6)    Angle Drill

An angle drill is a tool that drills at any angle, making it easier to get into confined spaces. The great thing about using a built-in clutch on an angle drill is that you can change the torque setting depending on what material you are working with or if you need to install screws. It’s nice to have a drill with a clutch and an impact wrench in one.

7)      Electric Impact Wrench

An electric impact wrench is a great investment if you are in the automotive field. There are different styles of impact wrenches but for most people, an electric version will do just fine. They have many functions just like an air impact wrench, they just use electricity instead of compressed air. Not being tethered to a compressor is a huge benefit if you are doing service calls because you can take it anywhere.

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