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Have you been struggling to play MKV files on your Mac? As it’s not the easiest way to open the file format, playing MKV files on Mac sometimes fails because of choosing the inaccurate tools. Many bugs appear because of the default player on the macOS. You need an upgrade to play MKV files; for the queries on how to play MKV files on Mac, you no need to search more on the browser. Here we have got you an article for you to know more about Elmedia Player to play any MKV on Mac without any other attempt. Let’s get to know more about how to watch MKV on Mac and avoid the needless effort to find other files.

With Elmedia Player, you have no other choice but to play the MKV file.

Mac users have full support to play an extreme range of videos and audio formats like FLAC, MP3, MP4, FLU, MOV, SWF, AVI, etc.. and many more in this app you no need to face any of the time delay and you can happily enjoy all the videos using the ease.

Pro-version of Elmedia Player is the best answer to watch MKV files on Mac even if you have an option to download it from the browsers. Through Chromecast and Airplay, you will be able to stream Mac to Smart TV or Apple TV. Here is a brief explanation about how to use Elmedia Player.


Enjoy watching your favorite movie with Elmedia, a free MKV Player for Mac.

Being a flexible player, Elmedia can be worthy of playing MKV on Mac. The resolution is 1080p, 4K, or 8K. Some playbacks without any interruption or buffering are what you can anticipate from Elmedia. The playback menu helps to go to the chapter to chapter.

How to Play Mac on MKV using Elmedia Player

Download Elmedia Player

The Elmedia player is now available in Appstore for you to download. You have another option for downloading the Elmedia Player from the official site, which makes your job easier.

Open the videos you want 

Here you have numerous methods of Elmedia adding MKV videos such as that are as follows.

  • Open Elmedia Player menu. Click on open.
  • Open MKV mac choosing the windows already opened Elmedia.
  • MKV files on Mac by right-clicking the file.

Watch and enjoy all your favorite videos

Start enjoying the fresh and smooth Elmedia Player videos functionally. Using this player is something that saves your time quickly to view files. This shows the frequently seen videos to make your watch much smoother.

Bonus features offered by the Elmedia Player Pro MKV viewer Mac

If you think that the list of uses you get through Elmedia Player, hold on.After being a perfect solution to what play’s MKV files on Mac? Questions that arise in your mind are common, so the Elmedia Player offers you the extra features, including the free packages some of the part of Elmedia Player PRO.

The PRO player offers you more benefits and natural methods to view the MKV file on Mac, enhancing the playback experience.

Unlimited streaming possibilities for MKV videos

You can play the MKV videos on your smart TV using Elmedia through DLNA and Chromecast Ultra. 

 Streaming YouTube Dailymotion videos through the online video.

Streaming the original audio and video files on your smart TV high quality (HQ) video is being streamed.

Can play multiple videos at a time.

Subtitle management options for MKV files

Searching for subtitles on open subtitles org. It controls the subtitle appearance throughout the data. The caption looks up Manually or Automatically; you may adjust the possibility perfectly aligned the video.

Full sound and video playback settings

This option gives you the best choice for looping any video segment. Multiple monitors full-screen compatibility connected to the PC. Here you have an opportunity to adjust the color parameters; you may take as many screenshots you wish throughout the videos on the series. It can control the sound and even mismatch. It analyzes the ten band audio equalizer.

Other than this software, other software also plays MKV files. Which converts MKV to formats that are compatible with QuickTime 

If you’re dedicated to playing MKV files on Mac in QuickTime, then there is a procedure for you to follow you will need to convert the format that is compatible with this player 

  • iMedia Converter Deluxe
  • Wondershare UniConverter
  • Winx HD Video Converter

Top features of MKV files:

  • Even corrupted playback is available for data.
  • Easily streamable
  • Support subtitle
  • MKV files can be found easily on online
  • Offers chapters, metadata, and menu
  • Able to select audio and video streams smoothly

QuickTime plays MKV files you may have some issue opening the data as it doesn’t support the record. It is impossible to play them as it works with the format you need to download the extra program, such as Elmedia Player. If you want no bugs while opening the MKV file, another option you can convert the data into another format.


It is precisely a small video file, and that makes you think of the Russian dolls. The similar principle that makes MKV store video, audio, pictures, and some subtitles.

It is software with HD (High Definition) quality videos and pictures to display. MKV is an all-purpose format for TV shows, and even for the movie purpose, know that MKA is also a format that exists.


Elmedia Player for Mac is the best software for MKV files; it has a variety of options for you to sit back and enjoy calmly without any other thought. You can view the videos in full-screen mode; it also supports FLV, SWF, XAP, RM and RV, AVI, MOV, MP3, and MP4. Elmedia has numerous options like you can create, manage, and delete playlists, and even you can create smart playlists. You can convert MKV files easily on Mac



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