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A motherboard is like a playground on which all the players or computer components have to perform, and without this, those are useless. Well, that was a symbolic type of definition. In reality, a motherboard defines the system’s overall performance and acts as a middle man or coach supervising the performance and data flow between the connected elements. If we take a look at the Intel Core i5 11600k chip, it has 6 cores and 12 threads along with a 12 MB Intel Smart Cache and a 4.90GHz of max turbo frequency. You must need to have the best motherboards for i5 11600k if you want to soak up the last drop of performance from the processor.


It seems that the chip has pretty much everything you may need to boost your games and do content creation at a mid-to-high-end pace. Since the processor is unlocked, the necessity of combining a perfect mother circuit touches the sky to effectively utilize its abilities. Moreover, you will also need support for the PCIe 4.0 connection to handle the higher bandwidths and storage speeds. If you have some bucks in your pocket, you can go for the boards carrying Z-series chipset like the latest Z590 to support 20 PCIe lanes or the previous Z490 supporting 16 lanes PCIe connection. You must read this whole article and check all three products to make a suitable pick.

1. ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming Wi-Fi


ASUS has been in the market since it keeps updating its technologies to keep up with the modern tech revolutions. Following the brand’s rituals, the ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi carries all the bells and whistles that we were expecting. It uses the same unique design with cybertext that most of the ASUS mobos contain and has 14+2 power phases setup for smooth power delivery, making it the best motherboard for i5 11600k. Further, there is an extended VRM heatsink on which an included fan can be installed for effective airflow and cooling.


You can run the four DIMMs containing 128GB RAM at a 5333 MHz memory clock in overclocking mode. The board can easily install via an integrated I/O shield and has all-rounder connectivity via USB 3.2 ports, USB Type-C ports, 2.5G Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi 6 connectors, audio jacks, HDMI 2.0 port, DisplayPort 1.4, and more. In short, it carries everything to be the best high-end motherboard for i5 11600k. You can also utilize its reinforced PCIe 4.0 connectivity, four M.2 slots, thunderbolt 4 headers, RGB lighting, and more.


Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
– Fast RAM support

– Huge overclocking headroom

– Unique cybertext design

– Four M.2 slots with heatsink

– Complex storage support

2. MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk


The fact is, not everybody can afford an expensive mother circuit, and personally, I’m also one of such users who are always looking for pocket-friendly options. So, the MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk, the best budget-friendly motherboard for i5 11600k, is precisely for us. Since it is an older generation Z490 chipset, you must update the BIOS to support the chip. The design comprises a black and grey accent without RGB lighting, so it has to dominate with its rugged look.


You have to use an 8+4 pin power connector for effective power input, and further, the 12+1+1 power phase design provides a smooth power input to VRM for excellent overclocking. Some meaningful board connections include PCIe 4.0 connection, two M.2 ports, and four SATA ports. I’m still trying to understand how the brand would have managed to sell it affordably when it put so much on one board. There is one Realtek RTL8125B 2.5G LAN chip and one Intel I219V 1G LAN for Ethernet connection and REALTEK/ALC1200-VD1 audio ports.


Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
– Affordable

– 12+1+1 power phases design

– Decent overclocking

– PCIe 4.0 connection

– Audio quality

– No Wi-Fi

3. ASUS TUF Z590-Plus


Every computer hardware product with ‘TUF’ written in its name showcasing a more robust build and longer life. So, the ASUS TUF Z590-Plus is no exception. It is trendy among tech enthusiasts for having excellent build quality, unique design, current-era features, and relatively low pricing than the competitors making it the best mid-range motherboard for i5 11600k. You can put four DIMM memory slots onto the board and enjoy the 128GB RAM with 5133MHz memory speed while playing gaming sitting on the couch.


On top of that, a most extended heatsink is fitted over the VRMs section to provide more stability when the element is running at its full overclocking pace. If we take a look at the specifications chart, you will know the board has reinforced PCIe on the top supporting PCIe x16 bandwidth, USB Type-C port, USB 3.2 gen 2 ports, 2.5G Ethernet port, more packed in one place. Interestingly, you get three M.2 slots containing heatsinks to operate effectively.


Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
– Massive VRMs heatsink

– Good thermal management

– Overclocking

– Three M.2 slots

– Only one M.2 slot support PCIe 4.0 connection


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