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Physical therapy is a useful practice that is utilized by millions of people every year. It addresses scores of bodily ailments, from the chronic pain that comes from diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis to acute sports injuries and everything in between. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you might have asked yourself already, ‘where is the nearest physical therapy near me?’

How Carpal Tunnel Affects You

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also known as median nerve compression because it is caused by excess pressure on the median nerve. This nerve runs from the forearm, through the carpal tunnel and into the hand. It causes numbness and a tingling sensation in the hand and arm. You may also experience pain and weakness in your hand and lose the ability to use it the way you can when the neurological disorder is not in play. Your fingers can also swell, rendering them effectively disabled. 

Signs that you may be struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome include, but aren’t limited to, an inability to hold small things like cell phones or heavy objects, without experiencing pain or lack of control. You may even drop objects unexpectedly.

Where To Find Right PT

Most people ask, ‘where is the best physical therapy clinic near me?’ Though there are many reasons for choosing the best clinic to suit your needs, proximity is a big plus. While there are likely any number of clinics near you, there are other reasons for choosing the right one. 

The way that many people find a good physical therapist is by getting a referral from their primary care physician, who knows the problem area that their patients are looking to address and likely knows which physical therapist in their network can best service the particulars of the problem. Another way to find the right fit is to do a little research, figuring out who has the most experience working with the type of physical therapy that you need. 

How Physical Therapy Addresses Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Evidence shows that physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery when it comes to repairing damage caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Physical therapists will apply hands-on care that can relieve pain and numbness and restore the arm, wrist and hand to normal usage. 

Another benefit to physical therapy is that patients can get instruction on how to perform exercises at home aimed at both recovery and prevention. Manual therapy of the median nerve, along with particular stretching exercises, can lead to outcomes that match those accomplished through surgery. 

If you struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome or any other bolidy issue that causes you pain or discomfort, you might consider investing in some type of physical therapy in Washington NJ. It is an alternative to surgery or can be employed after an operation, depending on the severity of the issue. Visit a physical therapist today to help mitigate the negative effects of carpal tunnel syndrome and regain full use of your forearm and hand for a more comfortable tomorrow.

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